According to the specific method about the URL address of the Shanghai dragon operation optimization

to create a memorable URL

search engine’s favor, the best use of the website to generate static pages or generate pseudo static pages, it has two advantages: 1. practice has proved that the search engine in the collection, the advantage of static pages. With 2. parameters in dynamic URL, interfere with the user’s memory, and static pages " clean " a lot of user memory. If the site must adopt dynamic page, we should try to reduce the number of parameters which occurs in URL.


sometimes website URL may appear similar to the hyphen symbols, must make good use of these URL appearing in the symbol, don’t go with some strange symbols or letters.

three. URL in the

Shanghai dragon’s job is to pay attention to the details, only every detail is done, we can gain the trust of the search engine, website URL is an easy to be ignored in the actual operation process of Shanghai dragon details, but URL also did little influence our site in the search engine’s performance. So we also need to do website URL. The need to understand the URL principle, the author thinks that the choice of URL or to the user experience as the most important, should have a clear, meaningful, easy to remember and other conditions.

from the user experience of the user should create easy to remember URL, generally too long URL will let users hard to remember, so the first elements to create a memorable URL is short, " " but that is not the short letters out of order " " URL URL, we should have a certain significance, it has deepened the impression of the user again to a certain extent. For example, Zhidao.baidu贵族宝贝 (love Shanghai know) Tieba.baidu贵族宝贝 (love Shanghai Post Bar)


. Two parameters of

this is the commonly used method of Shanghai dragon, the aim is to improve the relevance of keywords, for a certain role in promoting and ranking, and above " URL meaning " one that has different approaches but equally satisfactory results of the wonderful, but also have a certain effect on the rise of the degree of user experience, users come to you the website, see your URL will know about the content of the page, there is a saying, the more page keyword appears in the position before, search engine relevance judgments and keywords is high, according to this if the keyword appears in the URL is the best. For example: Zhidao.baidu贵族宝贝 (love Shanghai know) Tieba.baidu贵族宝贝 (love Shanghai Post Bar)

URL.In order to obtain the URL in the symbol

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