From the Taobao store was included in Shanghai Longfeng and see

1, love

2, without the support of the chain is very important, I have seen the row in front of the Taobao store chain, usually joined Taobao navigation station, blog Taobao passenger trans, be sure to check there are many.

and Rooibos can not be too dependent on

two, Shanghai in the end what love is more important;

algorithm mechanism inside Shanghai appeared omissions, before the love of Shanghai "

4, included all the two level domain name, I read all the results included, are the two level domain name, then from another angle that the two domain name than a directory and better optimization.


yesterday saw a man that Shanghai was indexed by Taobao, and some have a good natural ranking, the following analysis from several aspects about love Shanghai algorithm.

B, a negative, if goes on like this. That will have no small impact on some Taobao guest, a variety of reasons to believe needless to say.

Taobao Rooibos is still blocked the spider love Shanghai, love Shanghai but now began to grab Taobao page, which further indicates that Rooibos is an agreement rather than the provisions, so the webmaster for Rooibos not to be too dependent on, even if you blocked all searches banned grab but can still be included, this time I in the test the often meet in the domain name, put test, write a comprehensive ban, so customers have not read included a pile of test information, less annoying.


1, the description is empty, the weight of title more concentrated;

three, included what are the pros and cons for our webmaster;

shop included, some natural rankings are very good, compared to our webmaster is not a small impact, of course, things are two:


a, the front, if after the situation is like this, which will later Taobao stores will be added to the search engine optimization ranks, then virtually gave us Shanghai Longfeng ER increased employment opportunities and business sources.

obviously now reincluding may not love Shanghai to make a move, while Taobao also banned the love of spiders in Shanghai, so I guess is:

forecast; Taobao

shop is not the system as everyone knows, such a good ranking, you can search the starry look, shop over the top Shanghai love Wikipedia, that why, I summed up the following three points:

3, traffic support, some of the store I checked my friend, included almost no ranking, not to mention, now ranking are basically all, compared to internal traffic from Taobao and Taobao’s customers are quite amazing.

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