Five people are most likely to make big mistake in the keyword analysis

the flow and competitiveness is relatively low and no decisive role to the website goal. But if your website can make these words as additional keywords, so that you can get more traffic from search engines rather than make your target word more lack of competitiveness.  

  "it is better to have a big small pie and a small piece of not only a big pie."

is a seemingly simple mistakes, but also has many people will continue to repeat mistakes…… When it comes to the study of keyword search volume is a very important standard. But people often make such a mistake, search volume is always too much attention widely and is not a perfect match, especially when using Google keyword tool.  


will have 135000’dog  in the UK each month; extensive search kennels’but exact match is only 14>


for many companies, the keyword competition is difficult to control — at least in the early and middle stage of optimization. Study on some good keywords is practical and from the aspects of age began to consider the choice of keywords, even considering the site’s current and future weight optimization.  

2  – you focus on error; matching degree is too wide, not an exact match for  

keyword research seems to be a very simple task. You use the keyword search tool and found the search volume is huge and high correlation and your site keywords. Sadly, if you want to see real results if they don’t do.  

keyword research often in Shanghai Longfeng areas are not the correct understanding. I have written several papers on keyword research articles and it published in the Shanghai dragon Moz, and I believe it will certainly be a guide a successful Shanghai Dragon Sports content. These are some common mistakes people I found when conducting keyword research often make.

only set a goal – search keyword is "Toshiba notebook 1670" and it seems unrealistic not what economic benefits should search "laptop" people are more likely to buy and think about exactly which one word conversion rate higher.   some common words that are not wrong, if your project budget is limited and you want to be in the short term can effect not to want to do SEM, so for you to choose some less competitive word is a good decision.  

error 1  you have no realistic

matching and precise matching in terms of the flow will have a huge difference, here we see an example:  

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