Factors that influence the website ranking is ignored

if a website or domain name brand is frequently search, then the search engine will think this site is users looking for "official website" and affect website ranking. As we often search for "Shanghai dragon why" or "Shanghai dragon one hundred thousand why to Shanghai dragon word influence. This is the only teacher said Shanghai Longfeng three levels of the highest level of "by Shanghai dragon, to create a new keyword"

hits, said the web page ranking click ratio in the north. In general, the top three sites, often occupy the click rate of 80%, while the rank order is very high to the influence of the hits, but different title writing style, the popularity of the site, the degree of novelty title will also affect the behavior of Internet users click. This time, if the actual click on a site where the position is much higher than the average click on the top, the search engine will record the user behavior, so that the content of the site is more suitable for Internet users, more useful to users and give the site a higher ranking. This is the principle of "simulated clicks".

3. website brand name search.

website viscosity index access time, PV, bounce rate etc.. The search engine can be used to collect this kind of data to positive reflect the user experience of the website. So as to influence ranking on the site. A web site is open for too long, there are a lot of popups or contents of pseudo original can not read these will affect users of the user experience and turn off the web site, not to mention the viscosity. The search engine is through this kind of data to judge whether the site belongs to the garbage station.

filed a website ranking, we naturally think of Shanghai dragon. Mention Shanghai Longfeng, thought the most is the anchor chain". Then the website ranking is not equivalent to Shanghai dragon is equal to the anchor chain? The answer is no.. Shanghai dragon is a way to achieve the website ranking effect. But there are a number of factors are ignored.

2. websiteContains the

The viscosity of

1. users click rate of

in fact, generally either brand hits or Internet users or website viscosity can be reduced to the last category of the user experience. Regardless of how changes in Shanghai Longfeng the ultimate goal of the algorithm is the same, that is to serve the users, provide more suitable for the needs of users and experience the website ranking for users.

boy’s personal learning blog (贵族宝贝leezisem贵族宝贝/post/95.html), the above statement is inspired by reading the Zac teacher’s "Shanghai" when the real dragon password. Shanghai dragon Er recommend more time to see the book.

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