From the changes of the content of the website is updated to see love in Shanghai

We all know that

is very important to regularly update a website, because browsing important both to attract users, when the user enters the site, only a new content for the user to read; and it is very important for the search engines, because when the search engine spiders crawl the site, found no new station the content in the course of time, would not be the site to crawl. The station content updates for a Shanghai dragon Er is a very important thing, must every day to update it, will make the search engine more love, let the user experience better.

Some of the station for the updating of knowledge

love Shanghai snapshot update:


site content:

if the day not what time to write the original article, I think the pseudo original articles, and even copying the article can, as long as the content is not reproduced too much, we just change the title, the effect is very good, love Shanghai even included after the long tail keywords will be given a better ranking.

attitude often can affect a thing is good or bad, as a web site optimization, no rank, no traffic, often let a lot of Shanghai dragon Er have no incentive to do, to update the content in the course of time will slowly forget, this is a major weakness of the novice; therefore to remind themselves of the railway station is not what effect the thing is not to mention, the key is to do a good job in every detail of the website optimization, step by step, there will have to pay the harvest. Stick to the last laugh is yourself.

a website really need to update? 35 updated once a day will be a result how? Found from the site of the station for the love of Shanghai practice, update search engine is very sensitive, if no new content, immediately stop updating the snapshot, the original search engine is really love Shanghai a very sensitive animal, as shown in the case:

2, stable mentality to

update1, adhere to the most important

can be seen from the case, the search engine spiders also began to "human nature", you do not update the content, it can quickly show, so webmaster must adhere to the contents of this update. For this to give you some advice:


above is today to give you analysis, for this I feel to take an irreplaceable role in the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon er must grasp to make yourself stand optimization better. The article is composed of 28 SMS network (贵族宝贝28dx贵族宝贝/) network series awesome original, reproduced indicate the source.


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