Wang Tong entrepreneurship should focus on the simplest thingsSing the popular secret execution mee

we only need to spend OK hours a week, not limited by the time and space of our audit. Although there are well-known investors who want to invest from the start, we still refuse to consider it.

software functions, agent model, three tier distribution, back-end business, cooperation resources, new media dissemination, etc..

cattle a year do tens of millions, and it is a public number by professor a year tens of millions of revenue valuation of 7 hundred million, a similar case, we will have the very much.

make a direct ten year plan,

make things small, do small and beautiful, focus on a small point, and then carry him to the acme, so that both relaxed and profitable, the whole process is still relatively happy.

sing the fire. From the end of May a month after the release, Apple Store Chinese it in store for a month in the free list of the top five, has 4 consecutive days in the free list first, user growth rate and activity than any previous application. This is Chen Hua from Alibaba to resign entrepreneurship has been 15 months.

KTV is the most popular entertainment places for China and other Asian countries. And now, China more intelligent mobile phone and tablet users began singing them whenever and wherever possible, is now the new – sing, this is a social function K and scoring procedures, have the iOS and Android versions.

to find the real needs of users, using the most appropriate way to satisfy it, the formation of a strong execution team before this, do sing.

A person’s brother

the patterns we play now deserve a lot of business to learn,

met a friend who was starting his business at noon. His project took over a year and invested millions of dollars. It has not been on the line yet.


member of the Huang Youjun when he finished my SEO course, took 3 months to find a very small area, and then spent two years, the monopoly of the industry for more than 70% of the market. And he is very leisurely every day.


, if you think again >


moreover, an entrepreneurial team, the energy is limited, if you want to do so much to do everything, is certainly impossible.

The ?



big ideas, no problem, specific tactics used a year ago, has been outdated, and now play has been ineffective, then even if you start immediately, will do very tired, there will be many problems.

Why did

"in sing sing" I cannot cry ", it is Han Hong?" a Sina micro-blog users posting to verify. As a song as the medium of social applications, to attract professional singers in one month after the launch will be the founder of Chen Hua is so explained: "in addition to Han Hong, Cao Xuanbin, Li Chen, Jennifer Li, and other professional singers in the crown sing! Sing singing effect can reach the level of the primary studio this is also the reason, want to be a professional singer."

the simpler things are, the easier it is to execute them,

The reporter Zhu Xiaokun Gao Yulei

helped them sort out their ideas and suggested that they go from the easiest to clinch a deal and one to the core business, and to make money to feed the company.

only introduced his project, and he spent a lot of time. I found he was too complete and had too many things to do.

Chen Hua was born in 1978, graduated from Peking University, has done a search in the development of Microsoft Asia Research Institute, founded in 2005 with a cool web, train ticket search function in 20 days to get 20 million users. In 2009, Chen Hua left with investors because differences have become cruel dispatch net travel search service platform, to re start the search for R & D Alibaba. As with previous experience, Chen Huagang was released from the Alibaba resignation venture news on micro-blog, have been the focus of investors, when no other team members in no project, he won the bluerun risk investment. Chen Hua said: "I have always felt that entrepreneurship should be a happy process, not bitter, so no money, can not let the team in order to survive to do short-term things, but I would not spend money."

because it makes us both relaxed and profitable, and it helps a lot of people at the same time.

got the start-up capital Chen Hua began recruiting, this process is called the old colleagues, from the Alibaba search department, Microsoft Research Institute and the original old colleagues and cool news network, become the core staff of the new company. The first team of less than 10 people.

brush list, "copycat" and "bad", "piracy"…… Although the iOS and Android in Chinese development field, chaos phenomenon as the state in other creative industries in the same, but there are still smart developers trying to meet the needs of local consumers have obvious achievements.


a project, the more links to do, the higher the failure rate, because one aspect of the problem, the overall plan was disrupted.

and we will Qin itself, is a small but beautiful project, Qin Gang and I will do the school with the consultation, take it to more than ten years.

because we don’t want to do any pressure, we just want to relax and do it. Only when we are relaxed and enjoy doing this can we do it for a long time.

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