Ali mother publishing on the basis of accounting CPA Raiders i e Amoy RaidersMy station is less tha

        5.; enter this category promotion directory, will list a directory that can recommend the baby information also fine classification, here does not involve

permanent repeat customers,

        4. pages below, there is a list of optional promotional baby, this classification is consistent with Taobao commodity classification, I chose this is the classification of computer hardware.

as Taobao customer, my station is not to show.

if you are still building a friend, please look at my last article: my site experience, avoid novice detours,

from this year, the day IP no more than 10. The monthly profit is about 200-500, enough to pay the phone bill, but also in my I completely lost the side of the case, all rely on back customers, it is worth mentioning that, my registered valid user no more than 10 people. So, how did I do that?

    6. selected >

      " 2. menu on the left; and on the basis of accounting area, click into the " " ":

I do not have the

I take is to return to the present model, because it is easy to repeat, we think about it, you are successful in this application, you will be holding on. This is my idea of building a rebate station!

        3. pages after the jump, you can see in the upper right corner of the " select promotion baby " button:    

this is about a real profit model for Taobao customers, though they don’t make much money. But automatic profit has been realized. little pride

2 if it is to promote a single baby, in the page under the baby, click " promote this baby:

is my guest;

but the rebate station has a bad place, that is, when you start pulling customers, it is easy to worry about others, fishing stations. It’s a great headache. I’ll teach you the way I do it.


        what is charged by the transaction?
according to clinch a deal is a mode to collect fees in accordance with the effect of promotion, Taobao sellers from their choice in Taobao stores need to promote goods on alimama, Amoy to choose goods through the promotion, in his blog blog, personal website, community or other places to help sellers Taobao promotion buyers of goods through the promotion into the link after the completion of the transaction, Taobao sellers pay a certain percentage of the Commission to help promote the guest.

        what is the guest?
by Ali mother milk platform, help the baby Taobao promotion manager. You can be a member of Taobao, or other members registered by Ali’s mother, including the webmaster of the personal website, blogger, etc..

first of all thank A5, I’m a dish novice, the first time to write original articles on the Internet, I chose A5. And through the audit. I am excited to dream about this thing veteran don’t laugh at me…

Ali mother at the end of last month to 300 individual stationmaster issued by access to advertising billing transactions, I have the honor of being one of them. Do the test in my own domain name mall domain name information page, and in the Ali Mama official forum issued the whole process of the test post a small BUG, has been resolved.. The post release complements are as follows:

guest should have heard about: the first large group of Internet cafes, yes, my client is extracted from here, why? Because the user is pure buyers, but as far as I know, Taobao monthly consumption of not less than 3000. So how do we find these customers? Check their group for approval. This is where many people fall down, you know. When you enter the formal group, the users inside can say the gold in front of you,

1 if it is to promote all the baby information in this category, click on the top right corner of the " promotion of such baby "

well, say, "I’m in the formal crowd." first of all, it’s active. Active enough, there are women, so difficult to learn the women’s way of speaking. Some people say, it takes a long time to start to draw customers. Oh, we can immediately. As long as their topic you insert, naturally there will be a few people to chat with you. Topics such as a little cold down, you whisper her sister ~> " XX

the model I chose:

please pay attention to the novice, do Wangzhuan must have executive power, as long as the execution. Then you won’t be far away from success. This must be emphasized!

my client’s choice:

      1. login Ali mom, into the " my mother Ali " background:

first, I know Wangzhuan is a short time, in October last year, the first time know Wangzhuan, Taobao is off. Then study a few days, immediately buy procedures, buy domain names, buy space, directly on the whole!

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