How do Wangzhuan novice just startedWhy did so many pro business startups suddenly die



is currently in the field of micro electricity providers, the most famous media from Gong Wenxiang, micro-blog based Gong Wenxiang has millions of fans, >


2 can be famous.

shared the economy in the past two years, especially the sharing of bicycles is now seen everywhere. Guardian Yuan Kun thought personal point of view is not reliable bike sharing is useless, investors are willing, entrepreneurs pursuit, user happy, the day before Chongqing bicycle Wukong ceased operations, a loss of several million dollars.

If you

one, user pay question. For most users, it will only hold people, but not the money market, and the long-term enjoyment of free service users is difficult to pay. If you stare at average users, it’s hard to do it. Many public users burn money and make it impossible for them to pay for it.

one, while learning to organize their own tutorials.

2, a friend with perseverance and determination, who decides to do a career.

entrepreneurship is nothing new, and anyone who has the ability, resources, and money wants to start a business. Large to start the company, recruit people to do projects, small to open a shop, do a media from the people, entrepreneurship seems to become particularly simple.

for example, we download a master tutorial lectures, then we put these tutorials are arranged in order according to the simple to the complex, then an article carefully study, in the learning process, and then according to their actual situation, the inside should learn knowledge and complement as well as examples to write is to write a study notes, is through this tutorial to learn what, what has been mentioned, "a sample of what is, you have to do it yourself, to what extend themselves to the new, what advice.

no matter what you do business, or do a product, in the early marketing operations, most of the view is: first flow. Of course, what I like to say now is the amount of view, fans and users. According to the data show that the mobile Internet powder flow cost is 3-5 yuan, the customer costs about 80 dollars.


1 has a lot of knowledge.


entrepreneurship projects are very large, small to now popular from the media, live, low threshold, so that more and more ordinary people are "entry", and most ordinary people’s idea is simple: make money. But the reality is so cruel that you can’t make it at all.

itself in a team, or you have a lot of network master friends, then this way is suitable for you, is through the ground reality friendship operation, put these on the network master, the reality of the child operation to be your friend, usually on the phone to communicate about, ask they are what the project operation now, you can not look at the past, learn about their operation if he said project, what should be prepared to do some tools, what kind of.

any project, who is their core customer base is critical, who is willing to pay, must think clearly. Guardian yuan Kun found that most entrepreneurs simply do not want to understand, just say I’m big, natural can make money, when big,

has money and fans to make money. Some media exchanges between guardian Yuan Kun and Wuhan have been discovered. Even with hundreds of thousands of fans, it’s getting harder and harder to make money. Where’s the reason,

2, most people suffer from long periods of no income, light learning, so those who stick to it don’t even have 1/1000.

two, corporate customer payment issues. Looking for large media from the media, the effect is very poor, the industry does not match, brush and other serious problems, I believe we all know very well. Where the enterprise is willing to pay, not to mention the media since tens of thousands of people only recognize the first three even.

for ordinary entrepreneurs, the problems encountered are too many, guardian Yuan Kun did not want to comment more, and many seemingly perfect entrepreneurial projects, why is it dead?

1, the cycle is too long, generally need more than half a year.



1, a friend without financial pressure, can afford long periods without income.

is through to write this review, then this article is particularly suitable for newcomers to read, usually do not publish their own articles, but the accumulation, when accumulated to more than 500 articles, can be printed, and then as a training course for bidding promotion, announced some sections of authenticity let others know you care and tutorial, so this is equal to your own fame and profit has laid a solid foundation, the more you order, the more difficult is beyond you.

3, famous for making a profit at the same time.

of course, there are many marketing operators, you can use lower cost to obtain users. But they have the ability, resources, connections, the vast majority of friends do not have.


personal webmaster, a very noble occupation, no one would say that he will be able to start a day to earn much money! Are slowly learning, slowly accumulated experience, coupled with their own hard work, one day grow up! This article is reproduced here, hope to have to help novice and master! Don’t scold me

two, looking for teachers and friends.

for crowds:

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