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group buying websites in China’s Groupon market has exceeded 400, and the transaction size reached by the group buying model in 2010 will reach 980 million yuan, and it is predicted that a large number of manufacturers will withdraw from competition at the end of 2010. Also lashou heady hundred city open burn wars.

With the ups and downs of the Internet and mobile Internet, China’s venture capital industry has also risen, and has played a huge role in the value discovery, value cultivation and value realization of

I stood in Zhongguancun tophere building nine watched the surging crowd. This is the new station of the innovation workshop.

and innovation works together with the move, and Tsinghua Science Park West. At the same time, in March last year, the establishment of the "angel Association" – a symbol of angel investment institutions – also settled in Haidian. After that, the "2012 China angel investors conference" was held in Park Hyatt Hotel, and the seventh "innovation China DEMOCHINA2012" Beijing competition was also kicked off at Risorgimento Hotel……

. Behind the well-known domestic Internet Co, active angel investors and venture capital institutions. They’re not mysterious.

!As a webmaster

you must be ambitious, but also eager in this upsurge, must be a different group purchase station in planning: vertical group purchase station, regional group purchase station etc..

but, in this batch of entrepreneurs, you can not see Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong micro-blog figure. But if you move on to June 1998, if there were already a Chinese version of the DEMO show, or, if the angels were active then, he could be one of them. If he’s lucky enough to get an investment, you probably don’t see him riding a 28 bike. His start-up principal is 12 thousand yuan. But now he’s top of the list of China’s 40 business elite under 40 years old, released in May 3rd. Last year, Jingdong mall annual sales amounted to 30 billion 960 million yuan, while his goal is to achieve sales revenue of 200 billion yuan in the next five years.

in the hundred regiments of our small station is estimated to be in charge is difficult, can have love with stationmaster Tianxin lively, not looking at other people make money

The number of

but as a webmaster is no exception, also want to join the tide, but think about their own financial, material and human resources are weak, hit the drum retreat. But did not give up the trip to the water, have to move another way, that is, many people say, do around the site. This everyone thought of, but you did not want to buy the station promotion links, from which to earn small profits. Now the vast majority of group buying stations have invited friends to send 10 yuan activities. I put the site navigation replaced all the links, ha ha, half a month down each station promotion amount up to 500 or 600 yuan, but this money does not get out, only to send to friends or to buy their own eating out every day the owners also reward himself, of course also can accumulate to a certain program group purchase a commodity just think, group purchase a 50 thousand BYD F3


so, whether in tophere building or the Park Hyatt Hotel or the Risorgimento Hotel, you can see such a group of guests from all over the country. Their identities are a little special. How do you say? They are a shining halo, gold with the angel, as well as more or less flash, said a little low-key small angel; and most of the crowd, is eager to embrace the great dream, Daijiaergu, angel in favor of entrepreneurs.

I casually share Wangzhuan, we welcome the exchange of webmaster group: 51974980


they are the leaders of the Internet entrepreneurs, every move attracts attention.

reporter noted that, in this 40 person list, there are 31 people are Internet entrepreneurs, active in e-commerce, game development, precision marketing and other fields.

but there are more entrepreneurs who do not have such a big impact. They have just started, and the great dream of entrepreneurship is just a prototype or idea. Or they have achieved some success in the industry, a step closer to the dream, or never come into your sight

from the beginning of this issue, the network leader will be in the form of a series of reports, entrepreneurs and Angels / VC investors clues, depth interpretation of the various aspects of investment, and show their wonderful views.

buy network navigation:

! is also good!Screenshot below

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