Huang Zumin analysis of small and medium enterprises advertisingNet red economy why does the color

Wang Sicong and Papi sauce this kind of makeup Wanghong existence, really to want to become red makeup net content of entrepreneurs enough courage. It was not until July 11th, when Papi sauce was shown live, that the truth surfaced. It turned out that Papi sauce wasn’t alone, but there was also a team behind it, and the team worked together to make Papi sauce a success. The truth is one, all in an uproar, the sound of a sigh. This message is a serious blow to the makeup Wanghong entrepreneurial enthusiasm and confidence.

2. determines the advertising budget, which is based on goals,

general electronic commerce website is mainly to sales, information station or forum is to do the registration, there is a brand, like KFC, a half day, in each big website or small website a lot of ads, to enhance brand awareness.

so how SMEs do advertising network alliance

, like eBay, has released the first page of Chinese e-commerce, filling the gap of C2C in China’s e-commerce. In the early days of the major portals have network advertising, and signed an exclusive network advertising. EBay’s portal ads occupy large, citing pictures plus connections, advertising is also obvious, but a lot of people do not interact with the masses, just like dead advertising. But not in taobao major website advertising, network advertising strategies are put to the Chinese in small sites, largely take the form of popups, such as opening a web site will pop up the front page of Taobao. Taobao has created a greater market and publicity. There is a free policy, and other reasons, eBay eBay retreat, the final victory of Taobao.

was friends affectionately known as "Wanda son" and "national husband" Wang Sicong, is a typical representative of the Wanghong beautyi. He is not the Red Net Cobain was born, without any people or institutions for training, there is no charming appearance. Relying on prominent family background and huge wealth, let nature take its course and become net red. In the field of Wanghong makeup, do not say that he first, no one can say their first. Frequently appeared in the major media, he sighed in micro-blog, or Tucao, immediately attracted a variety of voices, which is quite consistent with the film he participated in "a little smile, a city.". His a frown will trigger a boom in the crowd, it is a thousand waves in this era of the internet. This makes Wang Sicong in the "Internet Weekly" published in 2015 China net red list, former red net beat his girlfriend, ranked first.

is web promotion by pictures, video, text ads displayed in front of the masses, improve the visibility of the enterprise and the masses to stimulate the desire to buy. Then, different industries want to achieve different goals, such as some enterprises are doing brand, and some do sales, and also do click, and so on, will choose different network promotion way with different goals. It is also a highly recommended way for SMEs to promote.

every day how many users, advertising costs need to have a budget. For example, the development of a user needs 50 yuan, then the development of 100 required costs, and even the delivery of funds, should have an expected advance calculation. Can also be formulated according to relevant data.

the majority of the market network of red is to have its own team, many red net success phenomenon also supports the fact that network must pass through the red net red incubator or to special training to appear in the eyes of the public. Wang Gaofei, President of micro-blog, also said in the forum of the Red Day festival that the future development of the net red will be vertical, professional and based on the development of the red brokerage company. As he described, the rapid development of the mobile Internet platform, so that the value of the value of the dissemination of low-cost, net red accompanied by micro-blog’s growth, has been given personalized power. Today’s "net red" is mainly based on pictures, video, live media and other forms of presentation, more important


1. determines what the ad aims to achieve,


3. select media

early network planning, late selection of media advertising network is a very critical one, the more accurate delivery, the better the effect. Just like a website about fashion, selling clothes and cosmetics will be good. People who like sports generally go to sports related programs, and if there are sports ads on fashion channels, there won’t be too many people. Analyze carefully what websites we want and where users are focused on. Cut.

some time ago, Papi sauce from the north and the south of the fire created a new miracle in the net red world. Within a month, from the 10 million investment, valuation of billions of dollars, to a patch advertising was sold 22 million, really proved her words: "a collection of beauty and talent in a woman."." There is a beauty and talent, with a glib mouth, do not want to become famous all difficult. People often say: "people are afraid of fame, pigs are afraid of Zhuang.". Her fame in the market, a gust of wind blew, many people began to try, have opened the road to develop red net. Some people for the sake of insurance, with the net red Incubation Center began to create a network of red road; other people take Papi sauce as an idol, go it alone, intends to seek their own world in the net red world. This part rely on their ability to compete for the network world is red, without packaging and training network – red makeup Wanghong.

in today’s world, online advertising has been overwhelming. Network promotion is everywhere, forming a ubiquitous advertising, advertising is not put in the crazy scene. Small and medium enterprises in general if you can do preparatory work in the advertising alliance and planning, will bring twice the result with half the effort. Internet advertising is now the most suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to promote the way.

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