A5 do the task monthly earn 5000 yuan absolutely no problemNovice Amoy some skills experience forum

fourth points, if these are not, can also use the keyword Title do send original posts, even in this forum to see your posts less, but in SEO can also use the keyword search to your post, is not a very effective promotion and long-term

"steel paste" is how to make it,

, I began to do a lot of such tasks. Sometimes, after 12 p.m., I was still making a list. Here I tell you a secret everyone knows, that is, to do the task, preferably in the evening

to do the task, I can only choose the A5 Adsense nets, because I also had other Witkey website task, feeling a bit of fraud, take the post as an example, I received a task, and then go to the post, the post when I have statistics also added, and the target station administrator we post they are very familiar with, and I greeted her and told them not to delete my post, but the task required 72 hour examination but not to audit, finally simply said your post is not qualified, the reason is also not what to tell you, when you are completely fool, looking for complaints, the staff said the customer decides to review the effectiveness of Never mind and they let me directly to the customer, but the customer contact and I can’t see, my God, depressed. Later, I simply did not work on their Witkey, the target all turned to A5 Adsense network. In fact, my personal technology is not good, the code can be said to be very bad, but I learned the art, this point in the A5 accounted for a little cheaper.

fifth people have mental fatigue my own definition, that is simple, if you want to set a goal: I want to write the 365 post this year, so large numbers you see dizzy, rather than say: every day I just write.

I write this post to help novice Amoy, how to write a steel, no steel should be attached, that can get the essence or the top of the post, or had done Amoy shop should know, if the post was awarded the essence or the wrong, for your promotion should be free to pull a lot of traffic and is very stable to

title out, the proposed content, if you let the content of the essence,

ha ha, many friends here think I’m plagiarism, but you want to think of plagiarism and you will circle?


first, it is important! Look at the essence of forum inside the paste is what kind of topic, how to write the title, and then by madness, no

third, to see the forum moderators, first from his post, from the analysis of punctuation, whether love with ellipsis, whether symbols and typos wrong.


good! Don’t talk too much. Go on talking about

today is I know A5 webmaster nets to start in BBS above task, income 5000 yuan day, mood is good. These are all my hard earned money. It’s only been for more than a month. 5000 yuan is not a lot, but for the general terms of grassroots can pay the cost of the server has been, of course I rented server is not what we think of such a high configuration, after all the station is small enough on the line. Well, a direct cut to the chase.

A5 because there are many people who are looking for the mission area art good of course, not to say that I am good, I have art to go with head high and chest out and customer contact, take the task to do, no matter good or bad, as long as I try my best to do it, if you look at the customer satisfaction I earned, if not satisfied that I don’t lose what is energy consuming, but which station in front of the computer time is not right?. I remember the first list is 10 dollars to the people to do a LOGO, I was lucky, the customer has just released the information, I see, add him and then start to do, 20 minutes to give him the finished product and not carefully do not fool the people, I am also very seriously, the need for customer satisfaction, after all, I want to make money customers that you are doing well, and I thought about, when he said there were more than 20 people in and talk to him about this task, and I was the fastest to the task, so the first task to earn money. Although not much money, but that’s what I earned online, a good start ah. I used the 10 yuan to buy a pair of special socks on the Internet of course, the city, there is no mailing fees, the wife did not move, I am very surprised, huh, huh.

no nonsense, let’s say one of the most basic ways to write:

After ! should start!

second, take a look at the people in the forum, there are so many people who like to pay attention to what kind of topic!

sum up these two points, your title can be conceived, but do not learn me, ha, learn me, you will be able to flicker,


if these points are, ha ha, even if you do not write posts with mandatory advertising, why you may not delete,? Because from the above observation the owner must be a careless person, only big, and less trivial concerns. Speaking of which, you can not watch my door door from Kazakhstan, he is very strict might buckle your Steamed Buns, whether I can do well, here, friends will certainly have a psychological idea: the posts of people really.

! ! !

good, do not talk nonsense, said in the posting fourth points, even though you don’t be afraid to write text, write directly advertisements will be ShanTie, as I can so wordy Oh, but you can start from the premise to the end is a wordy skill, like SEO, many friends all know SEO is just a tool, he can only analyze the characters, the cleanliness and so on, but not the analysis of the meaning of each word.

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