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with the basic method of search engine promotion network brand — the use of search engines to enhance the network brand basic methods include: "as far as possible to increase the number of search engines are included; through the website optimization design to improve the effect of web pages in search engine results, obtained more favorable than the competition status.


Study on the value of the network search engine brand

improve web search engine visibility also is to let the user in a number of major search engines, to retrieve the relevant keywords, the user can conveniently obtain the information of the enterprise, the main measures include search engine optimization to improve search engine based on natural search results, and the search results page appears in different forms of advertising keywords in the search engine.

brand promotion with this recipe, July 500-1000 yuan

reduction activity legislative director of Internet Exchange Association and development center Hu Yanping revealed recently, personal websites are generally facing the problem of shortage of funds and market expansion. He said that in 2006, the source of revenue for personal websites has shrunk dramatically, but it is unrealistic to let every site look for venture capital, so this year it will shift from expansion to profitability.

        shrinking source of income

        Hu Yanping think, although the number of personal websites more and more, but the vast majority of webmaster age is between 18-25 years old, the size of the site is generally between 2 to 4 people. Personal website is not only faced with the difficulties of funds, but also difficult to expand the market. At the same time, it is also facing many technical barriers. Therefore, the personal website must cooperate with others to solve their existing problems.

        from the point of view of revenue, personal website revenue comes mainly from three aspects. The first is the wireless alliance, help SP to push some customized advertising; second is the flow, through the sale of traffic to other websites to bring some users; third is through the intermediary of the advertising, advertising, in accordance with the number of hits or show charges.

        these income sources changed greatly in 2006. Last year, the overall revenues of the wireless alliance shrank dramatically as mobile operators stepped up their supervision. After a year of rogue software around the entire Internet traffic price fell, "traffic worthless" basically has become the main advertising consistent rhetoric.

        from the Internet data center information display, the network alliance in the entire Internet advertising proportion is very small, did not enter the mainstream form of enterprise consider. Although the growth of Internet advertising is good, growth rate of around 50%, but for personal websites big advertisers, Taobao and eBay eBay last year, gradually cut off this part of advertising.

        searching for venture capital is impractical

        previous personal Adsense is with interest, hobbies, accumulated for several years to make a web site, but now many individual webmaster also constantly looking for risk investment. Hu Yanping believes that in the case of funds difficult to find funds for cooperation, which is a necessary market phenomenon, but for most of the personal website, the search for venture capital is unrealistic.


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