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has a wise action – give up the spare tire, lying in the arms of love, not on.

now the supervision department of China issued the attitude that many new board companies see hope, finally can’t restrain the transfer plate spring. According to the Oriental Wealth choice financial terminal statistics show that from last year’s December to March of this year, a short period of 3 months, there have been 3 new three Board companies successfully transfer plate. And from 2009 to 2014, more than 4 years time, but 8 companies turn plate success.

blog have on the enterprise? The following three examples illustrate some of the problems:


last year, Golden Horse Award winner out of the eggs, two young girls the character by the professionals, also between July and still is "loaded" and true friendship is in front of us. The deepest memory is the July quote: "I hate you, but I only have you."". She said: "why only now come to me, lie to my arms… "


2 General Motors sees the blog as an excellent opportunity to guide its public relations operations and influence mainstream media coverage in this way. In January this year, GM vice chairman of the board of directors Bob root Bob Lutz also launched his weblog.

at this moment, the two male Lord Su Jiaming is unnecessary. Circles around a circle, to find out who is the true love. Feelings can not be, the way the listing can not.

and, from March 29, 2016 to March 29, 2017, listed company received 294 new board counseling, reaching IPO. And from 2015>


blog is the most explosive event in the information age after the advent of the Internet. It will affect all walks of life. Of course, there are still many people who have never read the weblog, according to data released by the Pew research center. Only 27% of Internet users in the United States read web logs. However, there are already 9 million Internet logs on the Internet, and are growing at a rate of 40 thousand a day. Even if 99.9% of them have nothing to do with ourselves, there are still 40 new web logs that deserve our attention every day.

deep ice spring aquatic, 2016 that the cold is not like winter, but to want to listed companies nurture the hope of spring. So, will start planning board in those good quality enterprises listed three new board; to direct breach of contract, commitment of listed companies and independent listing; but also attempted to replace him obediently queue up to the.

above data comes from Orient fortune choice financial terminal

What impact does the

Oh, even "net red" 360 has begun to pick up IPO. After all, IPO time cost greatly reduced, the stock is a suspension of obscenity was 360 backdoor leek are when wake up, open your eyes and look at the trend and the change of the market, not fantasy flourishes, after all, you do not buy the Wudaokou school district room.

3 public relations firm CooperKatz & Director Steve – Co. Rubel Steve Rubel is also a blog, his main job is to help businesses monitor those talking about the company’s network log, for public relations and crisis control. Mike – kaltschnee Mike Kaltschnee is also engaged in a similar occupation, he is currently the main work for Netflix, although he has claimed that Netflix did not pay him.

spare tire,

maybe someone has the question, will Blog be the next bubble? The answer, of course, is "no"". The reason is simple. In the early days of the blog, it received only $60 million in venture capital, compared with $19 billion 900 million in venture capital in 1999. Network companies need programmers, budget and office environment, the need to invest a lot of money, and the blog just ordinary user computer before, they have no budget and business plan, do not need to invest a lot of money, but also a bubble does not exist.

publications used to be the mainstream of the media, but compared to the release costs of the log book is almost zero, anyone can register as a blog in less than 10 minutes. Prior to this, the choice and distribution of news was in the hands of editors, and now good blogs can also have large audiences. That is to say, the distinction between the media and the public has ceased to exist, and the concept of mass media has been subverted, and blogs have created a truly mass media.

1, a young programmer named Mark Jen, was sacked by shlf1314 for publishing inappropriate content on his own web log, and he became famous for his success in Mark. At present, the company still has hundreds of shlf1314 ten blog, analysts believe that the move is to set an example of shlf1314.


March 2017, the official website of the Commission pre disclosure system discloses lakala prospectus draft report, to be listed on the gem. Looking back, or honest IPO more practical, play routine always scary.

has been encouraging the improvement of the new three board trading mechanism, but had to admit that, A A-share market compared to the new three board mature too much, liquidity is too good. But in the past the approval and issue of rhythm, the successful listing of IPO too difficult, many companies have to compromise, go to the new board test, in order to.

new three board

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