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2003, the winter is past, shlf1314 SEO, Oracle’s $5 billion 100 million acquisition of PeopleSoft, ready to science. The master at the University of Delaware Wang Xing smell Internet home business opportunities, the several websites have failed in the end, which makes him very depressed, why it failed? Buxinxie he took his classmates Lai Binqiang, Wang Huiwen in 2005 founded the school intranet.

in the queue?

in the "2016 Hurun IT rich list", there is a person and Ren Zhengfei have the same value of 10 billion 500 million, but two people are 35 years apart. Compared with Ren Zhengfei, his achievement is not low, once China largest social networking site, Chinese micro-blog, the originator of the website is now the largest group purchase website are from his hand, although the business failures, but he always unremittingly, and ultimately create a beauty group, 6 year market capitalization reached billion, personal worth 10 billion.


campus network is developing rapidly, a year harvest of 100 thousand users, but also the real name registration, in the social circle is the absolute leader, but the shareholders have unanimously decided to sell shares of the company, what causes

he is Wang xing. We evaluate his entrepreneurial road is paved with the blood, the creation of campus network transfer loss, later renamed renren has become the largest social networking site; founded the first micro-blog website "Chinese Fanfou" but was forced to close, followed by Sina micro-blog beyond; finally founded the U.S. group net, turn the tide in the loss, the market has nearly 70% share.

‘s campus network, Wang cited in his blog diary a former British Prime Minister, Winston ·, a famous speech from Churchill to show his attitude: " Th>

what does this core competency mean? Where does tea come from? Six years, all the way up north. What does he do and what he does wrong?





* hi tea founder Nie Yunchen

Abstract: compared with Ren Zhengfei, Wang Xing’s achievements are not a little low, Chinese had the largest social networking site, micro-blog founder China website, now the largest group purchase website are from his hand, although the business failures, but he always unremittingly, and ultimately create a beauty group, 6 years of market capitalization reached billion, personal worth billion.

Second days after the acquisition of

founder Nie Yunchen was born in 1991, not from the Shanghai opening day, need to queue for five or six hours to start, but from the hi tea birthplace, Jiangmen began to have, then all the way "with" its growth. The questioning made him angry at once, and he was so angry that he couldn’t sleep". Later, he wanted to understand: do not solve the problem of diversion, misunderstanding will not be eliminated.

for the public love, he is very relaxed, this is far from the product superiority the result, but due to his team and hand to create brand culture. He believes that this is the core competitiveness of tea.

in the final analysis is the problem of money, although the school net harvest 100 thousand users a year, but only spending no income, and after his money smashed, Wang Xing still owes his personal 100 months salary debt. Seeking Sequoia and other investment institutions financing, and finally failed, the other side given the reason is that the team is too young, there is no good profit model. In desperation, Wang Xing had to sell the school network for $2 million to Chen Yizhou of oak interactive group.

was questioned again and again "hire queue", "hunger marketing", so that it is supposed to become blurred, so many people do not understand: for a cup of tea, it is necessary to queue for hours? Is not hype red? Who is

didn’t do business when he first opened,

Nie Yunchen: first, do something interesting. Second, we should avoid some problems in the mobile phone industry. For example, the mobile phone industry depends on salespeople, and often salespeople go next door to the exact same page

entrepreneur &: I dark horse: I heard that you have previously opened a mobile phone shop, and then why not do it?


he defined the queuing problem as "the throes of development," which was unable to keep up with demand.

Wang Xing in the country to do the Internet faster than others beat, but he always ended in failure, he just said: China and Silicon Valley is the biggest in China you have ideas and technology is useless, must have contacts.

entrepreneur &: I dark horse: open mobile phone store accumulated what business knowledge?

loves tea, a popular "net red" milk tea shop. Originated from Jiangmen in 2012, 5 years will open stores over the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta has to open, Beijing, two stores will open at the same time. A total of more than 50 Direct stores nationwide. A single day peak of stores selling tea cup can reach 3000, monthly water over millions and in June last year to get the IDG and angel investors he Baiquan investments totaling one hundred million yuan.

, see entrepreneur & I dark horse and hi tea founder Nie Yunchen dialogue.


Nie Yunchen: sophomore year, 19 years old. Shop because I like smart phones, like apples. The real reason for not doing so is that the mobile phone store is very dependent on sales staff, after sale is very troublesome. But the core of it is that it does not create value. I earned this money very boring.

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