Cement mouse with new friends talk about how to guide the operation Wangzhuan stationad4all six dime

third, website optimization.

industry experts in 2011 is the golden years of development guide Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, do shopping guide how to grasp the pulse of the times, the key target of development, work out a piece of heaven and earth, their next, I told everyone together to discuss the development of Wangzhuan shopping guide.

about website optimization, an eternal topic. In many new friends, the optimization of the site is no way to start, in fact, the biggest site optimization is a "ground" word. The first day of the web site, such as a day to release the soft original text, of course, but this is the best search engine officially got love, it is best not to use pseudo original means, this is dangerous, it may be right down, even after the new website to write a good article, with the best link to some high flow and high weight on the platform of the publication, published every day because of the soft is widely reproduced, so every day persist, after a period of time, the weight of the website will soon upgrade, whether it is the search engine included the number or ranking are of great help.

first, how to choose products?.

poison observed, this is still more kind, installation and registration are rich. The specific effect of their own did not try, if a friend tried. Please text me

the above does not seem difficult, in fact, insist on doing it is not a simple thing every day, so far, there are a lot of new friends will think site optimization is a very sophisticated technology, in fact, is not what the website optimization of advanced technology, the key is to have a lasting new execution. Friends as long as adhere to update the site every day, every day.

second, the establishment of shopping guide website.

·: advertising fee settlement:

1. valid installation: Download and install, each cost 0.05 yuan.
2. valid registration: registered and successfully activated through the mailbox, each charge 0.4 yuan.


fourth, lasting execution.

how to build a shopping guide website? Must first grasp a principle: attraction! There are a lot of shopping websites on the Internet at present, to the many talent shows itself in the site, attracted the attention of customers is the most important, most shopping stations are using some template style website program, this type of web site too much, let visitors easy to produce visual fatigue, and hurried away to your site, so it is a pity. Well, how do I do that, I suggest you try to find professionals, according to the type of product tailored website program is the best choice.

some new friends in the choice of products, often choose some very popular products or high profit products, such as: breast, body, cosmetics, although these products of higher profits, but the competition is very intense, and even has become the top master among the contest, so the new friends try to avoid these popular keywords so, new friends should choose what kind of products? Here I tell you, try to avoid the popular keywords of fierce competition, but also do not have to choose some low profit products, should choose some popular long tail keywords, the keywords competition is not very intense, but also have a certain profit space is very good. The choice of.

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