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6. develops rigorous test plans and schedules the tests as loosely as possible, without attempting to achieve a high level of testing in a very short amount of time.

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really very important position

1. should be "as early as possible and constantly testing" as the developer’s motto.

7. regression test must draw full attention, and it is not uncommon to modify an error to cause more errors.

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first statement, this is the eight principles of software testing on this industry, it is said that software testing, because recently observed around the monthly income of nearly million, is the basic software testing of this line, so in software testing, need to pay attention to the following points: < /p>

5. must have a confirmation process for test error results. In general, there are errors in A testing, there must be a B to confirm that serious errors can be held, review sessions will be discussed and analyzed.


8. properly keep all test process documents, the significance is self-evident, test reproducibility often depends on the test document

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8 for the website of
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always use the same data to the application site

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2. programmers should avoid checking their own programs, and the tests should be done by independent professional software testing organizations.

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4. must pay attention to the error in the test, which is closely related to the programmer’s level of programming and habits.

3. test case design, should take into account the legitimate input and not legitimate input, and various boundary conditions to create extreme state and accident state under special circumstances, such as network, power supply and exception interrupt.

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    two color configuration;;   have a white background and are blue.

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