Returning to Changsha our road to entrepreneurship has been a difficult oneAli partner Tong Wenhong

rookie team from P9 note box note: senior expert above people are my interview, a few very core positions, I will interview. I pay special attention to the work of HR. There are two factors:

the only way to know how to make a choice when he is in the face of a real job is to know how to answer the question of a partner when he meets the challenge of the outside world.



notes Note: man Tong Wenhong in 2017 put forward 4 new hope: 1, adhere to the "customer first, adhere to business, consumer value; 2, adhere to the company’s positioning data technology; 3, accelerate the" triple two knife "three refers to the courier network, warehouse distribution, terminal network; $two is cross-border and rural logistics strategy promotion; 4, everyone should do rookie master.

I’ll tell you what a rookie is and what kind of culture a newbie has. Because I know that this group of people is finally the real business line, in making specific decisions, determine whether the rookie can really move in the direction of our vision. So, they have a thorough understanding of why they do it, and what the goal of the rookie is.

why? The Internet business most of the time only one direction, while the specific strategy of landing is often close a mile. There are many Internet business every day on every road fork, the fork bifurcation, we need is determined by the captain will lead us in which direction.

Tang Jialing, this place known as the ant tribe, we stayed for 1 and a half years. Until now, I still remember that winter, every family for heating and burning firewood smoke; also cannot forget, a rainy, muddy road; but not forget, on the bus, many times we were packed not human. Two years later, we gradually moved away from the home of the grave, meiko, Jishuitan bridge. Mingguang bridge memory is the most beautiful, comfortable house, ventilation, convenient transportation, and recent work from jinwuxing that department is close to the market, there is a supermarket opposite, is to have as well as the position.

then we started contacting other businesses. One day, a classmate called and asked, "are you back in Changsha now? There’s a project you don’t see.". A manager wants to make an online platform for selling flowers. The price has not been decided yet, so you can discuss it yourself. So, we listen to the word of the students, and began to prepare chicken as the company.

resolutely in June 2013, we returned to the Changsha. The beginning of joy, is mixed with bitter. Even if we live in the 120 spacious house, eat the parents carefully prepared meal, Bianzhuohuayang meals, but for the cause of the loss, we cannot make. Interview wages only half of Beijing, want to start, but do not know where to start. In a relative flicker, we set up 2 million registered fund belongs to us: must reach this amount to some project bidding, seemingly, actually only 3 employees of the company "". A relative encouraged us, he will have a big project to us, is a school of education software development, the price is about 1 million, divided into our hands, how to have 500 thousand?. What exciting news this was at that time. We spent 10 thousand and 8, recruited a proxy company, helped us complete all the complex procedures established by the company, and then began to send a business license to the relatives, waiting for self righteous good news. We can imagine how decadent and depressed we were.

I, the first step in building a culture: clearly positioning


Hello, I’m Tong Wenhong, and many people call me Judy. Startups are always the hardest, because there’s a lot of uncertainty and confusion about the future, and the rookies have gone through it. Today, I’d like to share some ideas about how to build a new talent culture.

two, pay attention to HR work, personally confirm the core team member

after graduation in June 2008, we went to Beijing alone. In the bustling capital city, there is a complex atmosphere. That strange is a kind of indescribable bitterness, sometimes make you want to cry, and sometimes will arouse you in the heart of the original impulse, and sometimes let you pour out a strange passion.

, but the road to entrepreneurship has started, and it’s hard to turn back,

Internet business and traditional business is the initiative of team members.

culture be built,

first, rookie new, D type note man note: directly under more. The man is in fact, and the team, direct subordinates in the running. The key is: what kind of people do we need, we need to reach a consensus.

?The biggest difference between

so far, at least 80% of my classmates at the rookie University have heard my lecture. I’m talking about the new entrance course — the business orientation of the rookie.

How should

if we continue to stay in Beijing, we will not be poor, we can at least save a little money, at least better than the average office worker, but we have no sense of belonging in our hearts. We even began to resist exchanges with landlords, and resist exchanges with the Beijing people, what kind of mentality, I think you understand, you will understand, you do not understand, you will never realize.


this requires the team to say, "where do I come from, where I want to go, who I am?".

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