People need to be cautious in mind eight tabooFind ten gold

second, Wangzhuan is the essence of pitchman role, out of any advertising Wangzhuan is impossible.

third, the theory of income in reality is, as you develop 10 line, each line will develop 10 people, by pushing, it is impossible, in fact is 100-15-5-1 this is the four level line results.

eighth, the more favorable conditions of propaganda station is more likely to be the cheater station, do foreign stations must see clearly, is not to pay for the Chinese people, have never seen people received the money the station must not do that, unless you are training.

ninth, no matter how well the development of a station, is not always there, the station about the survival period is one year, foreign stand for two years, therefore, must be done in a few stations, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

four xianyisiqian. This type of friends are entering Mao Lu, still do not know much about me. For some projects have been down for some time, but reality and imagination are too far apart. As a result, we kept looking for ways and giving up the old ways. As a result, some projects made money, but he did not. He often wondered why other people always dug up water where I couldn’t find water. This is because of his lack of understanding of the project that can be used to make money.

. This type of friend doesn’t want to get rich. But have not yet understand that business website and blog, what needs to be done. Just want to do GG. The results are so grateful for all the flowers, do not see a cheque from coming from overseas. From the end to far away. Yan’s interest drums, 1000.

avoid xenocentric. This type is relatively common among newly graduated college students. Think the foreign moon is more round than china. Learn a few words in foreign language, do not think Wangzhuan look like useless. So some foreign hang class, click class, registration class, investigation class of the project to do. As you all know, these projects are out of date. Because of these projects, in fact the language requirement is not too high. At the same time, these projects are paid Wangzhuan relatively low, especially on hook and click on the class. However, these projects are not easy to promote because of language barriers. We are also very inconvenient. Some are >

first, do Wangzhuan the appropriate level of gas and, step by step, not grandiose, blind optimism. Do Wangzhuan is a long process, is a process of learning and accumulation, the upstart concept is not desirable.

fourth, if you do Wangzhuan is to make money, do not easily invest real big advertising company won’t you this small membership fee, you care about this membership fees are small companies to grow up, you rely on this company is impossible.

avoid tandaqiuquan. This type of friend, like the two types of friends, has been mixed up on the Internet for some time. Learned a lot of money making information. So all the various projects, to recommend their blogs. There are clicks, hang ups, registered, investigated, and witkey,…… Domestic, foreign, everything. I bet a lot of the projects were not done by myself, and they were there like a grocery store. Oh, do unto you. Because you don’t have a center, it seems unprofessional. Even if you are willing to do the project, you are also at a loss what to do. The wide and thin, even nothing.

fifth, the same time and energy to pay, to do foreign station income is 3-5 times the domestic station, which is consistent with the level of economic development of the country.

tenth, do Wangzhuan can earn money, the answer to this question is yes, as long as your life is not very luxurious, is completely possible.

* is a bad work, although it has the advantages of simple operation, almost everyone can use, but not everyone can do a good job and earn a substantial income. Today, from the Internet to organize an article list eight to do Wangzhuan mentality.

one bogey eager for instant success. This type of friend tends to get rich overnight on the internet. Millions of gold and silver must be seized at once. Even hoping to be Zhang Zhaoyang one year, Ding Lei…… If so, you don’t have to go down on it. It will waste your time and my feelings. You can go to Mr. Chen Anzhi, or master Anthony, and they’ll teach you how to do it. You can choose to like, in the record, such as fees BNT, excellence. Then stir your tongue like a spring, and perhaps achieve what you want.

seventh, send a post is the most convenient way to recruit referrals, I summed up about 60 posts, recruit a downline.

Two avoid the

sixth, is not less to do Wangzhuan offline, but not the more the better off, a fighting team is a guarantee of success.

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