Zuckerberg’s advice to entrepreneurs start a business as a hobby not a success Summarize several wa

fits: SEO

earning mode: earn commissions

model features: more cost, you can do very big, look around you have those you are familiar with production-oriented enterprises, you can try this model. >

five, the use of SEO and traditional trading company cooperation

model features: many of my students are using this model, to do more successful. This model threshold is relatively low, but the need for foresight. You go shopping, Dangdang or Joyo, look at the products they sell inside relatively fire, but the keywords of this product in the search engine competition is not fierce, then congratulations.

model features: This is a lot of individual owners of a way, this model is tired, and then make money easier and easier. However, if you want to do well, you need to know a lot of skills: for example, the choice of the theme of the website, the choice of the domain name, the planning of the website column, the collection of content, the choice of the advertising Union and so on.

service objects: large and medium-sized websites

he described today of rapid start-up companies in terms of the development of the user said: "when Facebook got 100th million users really incredible to us, because we feel that everything came too fast."

features: even Joyo, Yahoo China and Alibaba are around SEO paid to dig talent, other companies and websites is needless to say, now every day there are many companies and customers please SEO I recommend talent. Therefore, the steady pursuit of SEO talent can choose this model.

fits: SEO people who don’t want to start

money making model: selling products

two, the use of SEO to build large traffic website

model features: the company wins the company is currently one of the main model, not directly to implement, just to provide customers with SEO consulting services, but need to have a wealth of experience and a very systematic process of service.

"I’ve learned so much about it."


Facebook co-founder CEO Mark · Zuckerberg Y Combinator attended the day before graduation in Sifutan University sponsored annual Startup School ceremony, he and YC founder Paul · Graham were one of the pioneering talk.

service object: large website or company

four, SEO+CPA sales alliance,

, work for other companies,

when the hatch like Y company like Combinator is today can even accept a no business model of the entrepreneurial team, Zach said "it is a great progress, because entrepreneurs will be more passionate rather than to start holding the ‘big money’ idea".

Facebook is now a multinational technology company with a market capitalisation of about $40 billion 700 million as of U.S. stocks, and the social giant’s number has exceeded 1 billion this month.

suits the object: SEO personnel, good English is preferred,

Zach told his friends that he thought Facebook had great potential, not just for the student market at Harvard University. But he never thought Facebook could do what he did today. "I’ve thought about it many times," says Zach. "Some people might find the potential, but these people can’t be us.". Like Microsoft or other large software companies, it’s more likely."

for objects: experienced SEO

suits the object: SEO skilled person + website manufacture master

Zuckerberg says he believes the ultimate success of a great company can not be achieved without the steps of just starting a business. He hoped that entrepreneurs can step by step, not from the beginning with huge ambitions and determination.

make money model: collect consultant fee according to time, according to project income cost.

money making model: monthly salary

with traditional business base

three, SEO consultancy services,

sees entrepreneurship as a hobby, not a big money,

money making model: collect advertising fees join online ad League

Y Combinator’s annual entrepreneurship school graduation ceremony is designed to give programmers access to skills and motivation, and then leapfrog their own company’s Silicon Valley extravaganza. Interestingly, Zuckerberg has been emphasizing from the beginning that he didn’t intend to turn Facebook into a "big company", which he described as "a project."".

"the purpose of my opening Facebook was simple, because I wanted to make it easier for Harvard University alumni to communicate. It was just a tool for a small audience." He said, "I go to pizza with a friend almost every night. We help each other solve computer science problems.". Then I remember telling him about Facebook, and he thought it was a really cool thing for the alumni."

money making process: cooperation with traditional production-oriented enterprises, you use SEO to build a marketing site, and then bring sales through this site, according to sales commission. This model is equivalent to being a traditional trading company.

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