Stationmaster spy is everywhere

mentions Admin5. I think everyone should be new,


well, that’s the "Admin5" called webmaster.

according to the "dream of cold in the latest data," webmaster nets "spy often elusive, it can be said that no where in the scope of stationmaster net" in……

"dream cold home", the master Shen Menghan is one of the witnesses, ha ha ha,


a certain day of the year, dream cold in "webmaster net" published an article, very affected by "admin5""; Xiaobian (knife oh) favor. Because the dream cold careless, after the article left a very private, very private group number, the result……

, Xiao Bian came in……

everything is like a TV drama……

dream cold me……

Do not go up


kidding! In fact, write this article, dream of cold is not much meaning, just to "stationmaster net" to a small thank so much hard to write the author of la! Write each of us in the introduction to the novice hard behind our website experience, but also has a lot of friends will silently support us. I hope sincerely to Menghan each tutorial webmaster friends and we can feel with others of every blessing for us, of course, I hope you can do something better to write.

3Q! Dream cold also hope that other experienced a lot of stationmaster also write to the novice a wise remark of an experienced person, a clearer indication, but also hope that "webmaster nets" in the webmaster are better able to keep the site


, do not think that no one will not see your article, oh, as long as you pay, and some people will know; as long as you do, there will be a return!


dream cold home, I hope more webmaster friends can make their website better and better, of course, in the "webmaster net" to write the tutorial will be more and more refined Oh,


in the end, still can not help but AD,


dream is not cold, but also built a communication group, I hope everyone can come together to communicate. Dream cold, I hope you do not malicious release AD, if you want to promote your site, you can first contact with the dream cold. Such as dream cold all webmaster data integration, and then unified to everyone to communicate, and this can better publicity, of course, won’t cause AD flooding,


ha, OK, no wordy! Oh, it seems that many friends can’t wait. The dream is cold. Let’s release the group number,


group number: 56617946

this group is half over and will continue to issue new group numbers when it’s full. Hope that we exchange more, learn more, and support the development of webmaster net Oh,


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