Focus Media Jiangnanchun have a strong desire for money

Focus Media (Tencent chairman Jason Jiang technology plan)

2006, the acquisition of the former, I finished the interview in Shanghai, and spring from a side by side hotel escalator down. Here is a large hotel lobby. I feel that the tall young man next to me has the power to make the illusion that he is rising, although the lift is falling.

This is the actual

2004 is my first interview with Jason, he impressed me. A college boy in a white shirt hurried over to me, shook hands, sat down, and talked at once. I think this must be the kind of person who sells ice to eskimos.

those LCD screens are sent to high-rise buildings by his surging words. His client may not be convinced, but he is overwhelmed.

confidence builds strength. Supernormal confidence produces extraordinary powers. For a child who is always criticized by his father during his growing up, "you don’t have the ability but always want to reach a certain height," self-confidence may be natural.

is not a confident person can handle it from power, as the libido can rise HUAWEI art, but the artist does not see more. Jiangnanchun know what you want. He’s going to come out. "I have a strong desire for money." Who isn’t? But Jiangnanchun across the dream, this huge canyon. He went all out.

"I may not be the hardest working person in China, but it must be one of the 100 hardest working people in China."." Running ads in college, for a possible customer, he can travel thirty or forty kilometers by bike. "Riding for hours, people only give you ten minutes."." All listed on NASDAQ after a year, he still meet 300 customers. It is still a white shirt, a pair of big shoes fatigued with the journey (its sole has even broken). The plane was late and he could still squeeze the hard seat like a student.

no one understands advertising better than I do." Jason Jiang said. You can hardly believe it. This sentence has become even with his Freemasonry competitors (such as Yu Feng) on his ready-made compliment.

confident and hard, but not arrogant, stubborn. A media profit from imagination "," in front of the creative business are not equal, "from his former boss, IDG (International Data Group) founder Mcgovern (PatrickJ.McGovern), his" focus "concept from the president of IDG Asia Xiong Xiaoge, the" legend "created a legend of Chen Tianqiao. Let Jason thinking how to find their car down from the crowded bus".

"eventually what you believe will be what you become.". Because the world’s most terrible two words, a call persistent, a call serious. The earnest man changes himself, the persistent man changes his fate."

so when he says "next to the elevator" should be >

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