How many Seoer in order to chain and then go to the forum

yesterday issued a "small current Seoer view should change" when it comes to manuscript some chain and included the problem today we will talk about how to chain into the forum.

we all know that the BBS outside the chain is the most easy to obtain, if you often bubble BBS, change the BBS personalized signature to your website keyword links. Direct reply top paste on the line, but you have not considered, we do not say the forum weight, the level of PR to see some of the forum screenshot:





(these pictures are all in different forums, and they just look at the pages of a page. This kind of article is overwhelming in the forums)

these are all used to fire SEO BBS inside the vast majority are from the A5, the owners of the house where the copy and paste the past is a weight problem are the same as the content of the title but silly what we do not see directly in the sofa in the stool! You don’t think effect? This will only make the spider bored. When these posts are not deleted, then you do not fly outside the chain, right you can not stop refresh page wear of the mouse keyboard


those forums are singing the best SEO training base every day, and there is the best solution for you. But what about the facts? We all know that,


now we come to you is to think what the forum?? (in a small idea in the forum to learn is someone chewed bread and spit it out and nutrition? But the novice can also believe if these forums do not understand the concept of SEO in the mix) a familiar face? (there is such a person, in the forum shopping for a long time will know some SEOER, I have what others will give you the chain (help)? Believe it is 80% people’s thought, I guess a lot of people go to the forum posts are not really seen, day day in various forums to see new posts directly into the "top" and "learning" and "the landlord said." these people and the top stick machine has the difference? Say something you’re not top stick machine efficiency)

the last little advice to each big forum here, to enhance the quality of forum posts don’t post those repeated N times this is to get those in order to enter the forum outside the chain of people (because the small irrigation was a member), can not let you have a day of irrigation water to the night spread out, it is everybody’s SEO


, let’s talk about it today. Tomorrow and everybody continue to have wood peeling machine write! First A5, reprint please keep the link!


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