How do let the station to station station information collection

these days according to the routine when check the background statistics, suddenly found statistics there are 39 Health information channels to the links, let me surprised a moment, I did not and they exchanged links in this respect, how will have to IP? Here I have to mention my station: Global hospital network, for a year, now under effective promotion operations, IP also has several W, let my heart to meet! I also not against competitors, if we often exchange links in the group would understand, 39 Health in this area is the character link exchange not how, often arbitrary links do not notice, when you do speak very well.

way more than that, immediately entered the topic: how to do so also to collect station station station information.

believe that do webmaster all know information original and false original these two words, if not clear, you can find in the Admin5, there are many. Many people think that the station information is original, in fact. According to my observation rough statistics, information about the original station only 1% station information, like Sina, Sohu and other information about the news of his original station only to around 1, I said here that the station does not include their blogs and forums using these new users place more, if on these pieces of the original is big, I just say a few blocks updated by their own.

since their original rate is so low, why the search engine (hereinafter referred to as SE) that their weight high? I’m not about other aspects of weight analysis, I only analysis of weight factors related with the content of the website, after all, this is my this article theme.

first, let’s look at the NetEase, Sina, Tencent and so on. These stations have many news sources, such as Xinhua, China News Network and other websites. Fish in the Internet era, in the face of large equal station it will indicate the source web site, but in the face of station, station in the end station information acquisition after it slightly modified, it became the original. It is a waste and a stain on ourselves. As everyone knows the original a station is not easy, and no station site weight high, SE can easily judge the station’s article is original, and the station is plagiarism, such not only damaged the site in the SE image, but also a blow to the enthusiasm of the small station (the black hat webmaster might not be too concerned about).

what can be done to collect information in the station station also can improve the weight of our own station? A little skill for everyone to share. In the article adding links, with the same color of normal text links (no more links or as cheating), so some when editing misses can bring weight to your health, like 39 when editing leaked one or two times, although the latter one or two days immediately corrected, but the objective has been achieved. Next, to some news release station, like Admin5 and so on kind of issue, in here may indicate the article origin and the copyright and so on.


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