Big flow is difficult but accurate flow is easy

maybe you missed the flow bonus period Taobao has just started, perhaps miss WeChat flow bonus period, but it is a pity that you are still struggling in pursuit of desire for traffic, Xing brother and a lot of people believe that with this fantasy, as long as there is a large flow in, what products can be sold.


thought so before, but that’s not the case. Even more, now to get a traffic cost is really too high, according to each industry’s different, the most expensive single flow more than 10 yuan, not very powerful company is unbearable. Basically, companies with large flows are big companies, and it’s hard for average people to get more traffic.

then, is this the Internet, the book of changes can not go on,


is not the case, large flow also has many drawbacks exist, the most notable is the traffic cost, the average person can not afford. If can change their thinking, the flow is changed into the accurate flow is not the same, as long as the business is good, why the conversion rate may leverage, because it is accurate? Well, because there is resonance.

so, do the Tathagata get accurate traffic,


is simple. Take 4 steps,

1, location

2, the establishment of channel

3, grow up to be friends,

4, clinch a deal is not difficult,

can be divided into 4 steps,

1, locate

The so-called

positioning, in fact set is that you do what the product is facing the crowd, only to understand their customers, you know where to find this part of the crowd, if not, the Internet is too big, it is equal to shrimp.

, for example, I sell clothes, wide know this is not enough, also need to know what age is selling clothes, how to love the style, by positioning we know our clothes are sold more love fashion lady.

this is the location of accurate positioning flow

two, the establishment of channel

know the target group is the young lady, then we have to go to the gathering of young and beautiful love fashion, there are many such channels, of course that’s the precise flow, so we establish the channel must be accurate. Through these channels to attract customers who really buy clothes.

There are many ways to build accurate channels for

. Simple enumeration focuses on

1, from the media

media is now the most popular drainage channels, we can build a dress from the media every day, how to write some collocation, how to wear the beautiful article, sent out, the effect is inevitable.

as long as it runs for a while

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