Through the success of Shanghai community to see the way of local gateway operation

local portal has become the second largest Internet industry after buying. Throughout the country, a number of local portals are being spawned every day. The reason for this is nothing more than:

1, the local gateway technology threshold is low, a slightly technical webmaster download a DZ or a PW, one night you can get a local portal;

two, low cost, a domain name dozens of yuan, if not the server is only a space, that is 200 yuan, the whole local portal also do not have 300 yuan;

three, personnel needs less, a local forum portal early, due to less users, low activity, a small amount of posts, a person can maintain, even if the development of a period of time, 5 to 10 people enough.

in the operation of the Shanghai community ( in the past few years, saw too many places, the rise of the portal, but also saw too many places, the fall of the portal. The rise is because we see the success stories, such as Xiamen fish, dragon lane, Hefei forum, now every year tens of millions or even more revenue. Everyone stared in front of huge profits, have to follow the trend; fall is because when the wind did not see these sites successfully before the reality of subjective and objective conditions, and they are behind the road to success difficult course. The followers of this trend have been dazzled by profits. In other words, "seeing the thief eating," he said, "did not see the thief being beaten."".

how to avoid follow the trend, resulting in the final fall? How can we achieve the victory of the local gateway in the other side of it? To do a good job in the local gateway, I would like to first do the following:

, don’t blindly shot on the line, the line on the website before the first after careful analysis and Research on the development of the Internet market, after more than 10 years, believe that the market will not be a fool, if the fool would be our own, never underestimate their competitors, otherwise they will be in a cocoon around oneself;

two, followed by analysis of the place you want to do, whether the portal has occupied the market portal, especially private local gateway. The state-owned North China Netcom and the South Telecom have their own gateways, and the Netcom is generally "information port" everywhere. Telecom is generally "vent", but the development is not very good. Although there are good, but very few. Private local portal is not the same, once the private occupation of the market, in order to overthrow it, there is no considerable funds and resources, almost impossible. Private websites regard their own sites as life, and do not have enough funds and resources, they must not touch the stones with eggs.

three, their own reserves of funds and market development match, not big horse cart, nor small horse cart. How much money do great things, if it is ready for three years to do website, will be ready for 4 years of funding, the reason is very simple, in the operation of the process there will be many unpredictable things appear to occupy funds. Never!

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