The headline with high hits is made this way

good title for the article is the first step to attract people to click the article, but also can be said to be the most important step, now the network more and more, with the explosion of the potential, there is an eye-catching title of the article will have a high click rate, the network is very exquisite eyeball economy. Now the station editor, their task is to create the click rate, in order to attract more people to see Bowen, so in order to hit, in order to attract attention, they will make you think good title changed, even made you feel hard to imagine, the purpose is to increase the click rate, few articles my contribution to the webmaster nets have been edited slightly later changed the title, professional editing this title is appealing to the eye.

The title below

is too plain,

often see the headlines in stationmaster net, [experience] several webmaster do stand, actually no one love to watch the writing, you are a novice, how to ensure that your experience of your theory is correct, so I think the title change [do good website must experience] will attract people’s attention.

there is such a class title [a year] do the lessons of failure, in fact, now the people are very impetuous, only love is not love to see the successful experience and lessons of failure, you can try to [the return of the king, from the glory days to] as boundless as the sea and sky may be able to get more points.

how to write a good title? I think a good title must be

a succinct

is short and clear. It means that you can express all the ideas of the article with the least words. You can use the least words to cover the key content of the article.

two accurate

accuracy is appropriate and appropriate. Let the title be able to sketch the meaning of the article, and generalize the main idea of the article. Don’t act as hard as I am, unless you have the same thick skin as me.

three vivid

"vivid" is to take the title done profound flavor as much as possible, and in high spirit. That makes the title gives people a unique feeling; giving a fresh and refined impression; give a person a kind of very pleasant; into a Lenovo can lead a person to endless aftertastes memorable. That can attract people’s attention, moreish read.

if you still don’t quite understand how to write a creative title, here are some practical ways to help you.

1, super direct heading

directly to the title of a straight to the content center, do not cover, such as camera guide skills later maintenance of comprehensive posts "and" Nikon camera latest proofs "Nikon camera feel"

2, indirect heading

indirect headlines are going to go around a >

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