Home improvement website four years of annual revenue 15W experience sharing

04 years in sina.com.cn organization of product launches, and met the Ningbo decoration nets Hu, at that time we chat very happy, after to Yancheng, I intend to operation of Yancheng home network (www.ycjzw.cn), to the current nearly four years, the site had little success, the annual income of 15W about.

main income is advertising! We had for many years Jiezhuang company server, because Jiezhuang companies serving the city of light, all do a website, without a good marketing platform, including some time now Jiezhuang companies choose Baidu, Google, honest, high cost, two is not what the real effective flow, main their business in the city limits. Plus Ningbo decoration mesh Hu introduced to increase our home net Yancheng station confidence! I will not say more, we let the technician made Ningbo decoration mesh production, operation is to recruit about a large amount of business, take the way to run the business street, three consecutive month down, is still in the website, send advertisements based on the position of, not what progress.

was once a friend, just to work in the local newspaper, the local newspaper Jiezhuang responsible person, and then we newspaper cooperation, we send their weekly free content on a website, they give us a host name, such as co organizer: Yancheng home network. Of course, we have to give him a good private hall, this is not to say. Remember the best yo, you have to press to several newspapers, let salesman from door to door delivery of newspapers, make sure each Jiezhuang companies are seen in the newspaper, and we know the newspaper or others cooperation, how do we know the influence?! this cooperation continues for a month, found that there are a lot of people want to purchase a part of the initiative to mention our advertising, and for three years.

then gradually found our advertising a particularly good shot, so the price rise, but not many in our website, we recommend Jiezhuang company website by us as their new building what! To 05 years, local TV stations also find us and cooperate with us in Jiezhuang classroom, advertising revenue again over 200 thousand home network now has many peers, advertising is split up, one of my business experience out to engage in similar sites. We are currently working on ways to enhance our website’s pasting ability. If you have any good suggestions, send [email protected]

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