Grasp the focus of work in order to make money

I never make money to make money webmaster webmaster, I put my experience and everybody said, what is the webmaster webmaster? Is a corporate CEO, to balance the market, technology, and service and many other links, the only way to have a good sales system and service system, your business will for a long time.

, and our webmaster are doing what now, all in update original article, are doing the chain. It’s all about being a clerk. You can’t expect to do a clerical job to get CEO’s salary. The real money station is definitely not doing things like this. Let me give you an example, Nike, Adidas, these enterprises profit high, you see when they go to the production of shoes, all OEM?. Why is this the focus of the work is not here, their work is the focus of the brand, with a brand will have profits, it is easy to find a person who can not do shoes.

let us look at some of the SEO celebrities, when they do not have the training that I how to update the original article, have not said how to do outside the chain of things, never talk about it, because this is the basis, we will do. They talk about how to choose the industry, how to find keywords, and other things to find someone else to do it, so they make money. The key reason why they earn money is to grasp the focus of their work and make money easier.

I also like that poor webmaster, every day to update the original, every day worried about ranking, the money did not earn people tired out. And my industry how to operate, do three stations, basic optimization, good to others to write original, acting on the chain, nothing is worried. What can you do to change the search engine, the same. Let alone make three stops at the same time. What’s his time? Every day to develop the market, maintain customer relations, and do a good job in the latter part of the service. He made the customer very comfortable, and I made the ranking in time. It was difficult for the customer to run over for half a year. Since the customer came, I didn’t have the time to do the customer relationship maintenance, because I wanted to do the ranking.

how can I compete with others?. I found the moon SEO OEM network chain to do good, original articles written in general), the price is cheap, the chain don’t do every day I do more. All OEM, not only saves time, more important is to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, and now I only go to the industry, making the industry to do website allows them to OEM, while engaging in many sites, so that it can do to make money.

this is also my little experience, I hope to webmaster friends help.


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