Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of Baidu application open platform and its impact

since last year, Baidu " Box Computing " released a year ago, and not much practical progress until Baidu’s recently launched platform applications, Baidu’s " Box Computing " gradually surfaced. Now, you search " plants fight zombies " you can play games directly on the results page; search for " small game " also will appear directly small game interface, directly use in Baidu platform. However, such as search discuz, spacebuilder and other SNS site building program, has not yet integrated into the Baidu application platform. With the further promotion of Baidu platform applications, in the future, when we search, there will be more appropriate application is inevitable. This " Box Computing " the introduction of the Internet also has a certain impact. Let’s first analyze the impact of Baidu’s move on the Internet:

1. to break the traditional pattern of search engines, the impact of the Internet Ecosystem: search engines since the market, have no what too much change, just as between the user and the target web site, the establishment of a bond, his role should be how the user is the fastest and most convenient to find the content they need. Now, ", Baidu’s ", has framed many products and services on the web, allowing users to experience the resources provided by these sites without having to log on to their target sites. In recent years, a lot of people are talking about the Internet, whether the pattern of search engine needs to be improved, no doubt, the Baidu launched open platform, in a sense, breaking the original pattern of search engines, but as an emerging application, we cannot estimate what can he bring to the internet. The Internet is just like an ecosystem, and there must be a process of adaptation for both foreign and new species. I hope that Baidu can grasp, so that this breakthrough to benign direction.

2. open platform application, whether the interest also focused on: in the Baidu search box input " " game; there are 7K7K, the site of the game, I do not know this is because only a website on Baidu compatible technology better, or Baidu to italy. However, it also shows a problem from the side, if Baidu continues to expand the application of open platform, more and more enterprises to join, so fair and open search engine, will become the second network marketing, PPC battlefield, whether or not, only to pay a fixed fee or Baidu, and only through the auction to get good ranking. Baidu for " Box Computing " spent a year, where his interests come from, really puzzling, but also can not help but have some concerns.

3. traffic concentration, whether the Internet will form " Baidu Empire " search engines should have been the introduction of traffic and distribution platform, and now, Baidu will be many >

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