Baidu’s new garbage collection experience

I note a domain name, want to do a recreational station, before also done entertainment station, and now Baidu to new sites so harsh ah!!


because of entertainment, but also experience, change procedures, templates, and then crazy to collect entertainment related articles, everything in good order. Because previously heard some experts said, a large number of collection will affect included. Then find someone to do links, as long as Baidu included all done, as long as not illegal.

In the meantime I

site my station every day at least 10 times at least, Baidu, YAHOO, Google in about third days like this, YAHOO, the fourth day, Google also closed, is the 3-10 page range, but Baidu is not included, even home also confiscated, I am anxious, Baidu not included then, the more crazy links, and of course the garbage station chain, chain, chain is not indexed by Baidu, made about 10 a few links. About tenth days of appearance, I site my station, Baidu gave me a surprise, my home page was collected, which I can rest assured, I thought, home page was collected, the inside pages will be received, but the Baidu new study period was extended, but never thought that my website home page was collected for more than 40 days, is a page!! in more than 40 days, countless times I site, but the results I bring is disappointed or sad, anxious, anxious, depressed, disappointed, or even want to delete station. But Baidu still doesn’t accept the inside pages.

at the same time, I found a few problems, gave me a little confidence, 1 Baidu included, although only a home page, but it is updated every day. 2, I found in the server website log, Baidu crawler, or Baidu robot (that is, BaiduSpider this thing), visit my website 100 times a day, and some even to 600 times. But why don’t you include the inner pages? I can’t think of it. I have to wait. Wait for… Waiting for Baidu to pardon the world. Because the result always lets me be disappointed, I also not in site my station. In the more than 40 days after the collection,

I still insist on gathering and updating. One day I have nothing to do, input: site:www.*********.com was a bit sleepy at night, enter the finished mimihuhu sweep, but the results surprised me, 1480 pages, I hurried to see is not the wrong name, it is not lost in someone else’s domain name, to confirm after my station, I was excited. For the next few days, Baidu will increase the number of pages collected every day.

I think a lot of thinking, summed up the experience of it, there are about the following:

1 collection will affect the collection, especially on the Internet highly repetitive content. My station is like this (but my station is the entertainment station, I can not be original), but I have a way to do this, that is, find something not hot

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