Being a station is just an interest not a career as a station 2

stands as an interest, not a station as a profession (2),

talk about last night’s comment: a netizen commented: Alibaba, Baidu, Dangdang, excellence, Taobao, Baidu, there are those who worry about you? "He said it made me laugh. First a little bit. I personally like the webmaster. Ah Alibaba, Baidu, that is the personal webmaster? Second: I look at" station is an interest and will not do stand as a kind of occupation feeling ( he does not agree with me, then I don’t agree with him, I really can say is the establishment of the tragic history of 06 years. The forum, do buy a waste of space. How do you say? Well, the data will be lost regularly, or missing accessories. I have been to Tong Hu in the DZ forum. There are other moderators. But the tiger is most often I used to find him, then almost every day online Such as the tiger, I always thought that is my problem, it has been one or two months, Tong Hucai conclusion is not space. I said LEOPEX I was hit, I was hit, but I soon replace the space, and then stick to do stand. Until now, persistence is very important. But I don’t want to. It is interested in how the day time will put.

in the game

yesterday I wrote "do stand is an interest and not do stand as a kind of occupation (the original address here at, found that many friends are not very agree with me, in fact, gentleman close and different views are not the same. It is normal, then, now is still a continuation of last night the topic.L station is an interest and will not do stand as a kind of occupation, to make a little down:

1: you now. How do you do full-time family. You have no wife going blind. He ask you what occupation, how do you answer. You answer: administrator. Or webmaster. There is no fixed work, you even take the opportunity to wife ah. Next to see you every day to stay at home and think you are worthless. Would you say, others thought with me. What does not consider the feelings of others, and still do their own. Such a person is too NB. Some of the greatest characters is the idea of.


brothers: I want to express here is not to make money. Do, can make money. But it is rare ah. Is to let go to it. Don’t waste your time too. Don’t do nothing to let go, sometimes is also a kind of beauty. Reading is good don’t come back. What a feeling. Although the reality also have a lot of disappointments. So I write a? Above is personal opinion. It is not the same point of view. Don’t scold random. Running snail

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