Combining traditional commerce with the nternet a O2O attempt at a seafood stall

The ultimate aim of

business is to trade. But in reality society, the restriction of many practical factors leads to the difficulty of "process" far more than "purpose"". The most exhausting thing to open a restaurant is not to find a good cook, but to keep shop rent, distribute advertising, sell inventory management, and maintain customer resources, often occupy more energy.

, a large part of it is based on "attention" and "data" management. These two points are the advantages of computers and the internet. What happens when traditional business combines with the Internet? A common seafood stall in Sanya has been tried.


in Sanya, the famous tourist city, there are several major tourist sites are in the Raiders popular seafood market, such as the market, the first known to all the Spring Garden Seafood Market, such as friendship Community Plaza seafood etc.. A famous seafood restaurant has just moved away from the famous friendship community seafood Plaza, and soon came to a seafood restaurant in South China which was opened only at the end of 2011.

new locations for guest traffic and reputation in the travel market are certainly not as good as before. But they don’t seem to worry about their own business and order, and actively draw tourists in many different ways the seafood stalls, to find a better way of showmanship: set up shop in the Taobao online, providing low-cost services. Users in the Taobao store to buy a coupon, that is, you can make an appointment to go to the consumer, enjoy discounts, coupons will be returned. For O2O, the most important payment link, all can be completed by paying Bora line.


owner also encouraged customers to mark the store on public comment, with free computers and WIFI in the halls. Find the shop in the customer, but also for their recommendation to install some maps, navigation APP.

, a seemingly simple and elementary attempt to keep the store competitive, most of the customers in the store are booked online. In fact, the O2O model is very helpful for businesses to find newer and more accurate customers, and it is easy to communicate. For a small shop, the store solved the advertising problems, user group word of mouth problem; and Taobao coupons sales and booking work, to a considerable extent solved the invoicing and passenger flow management issues.

O2O, that is, Online To Offline, that is, the actual transaction opportunities under the line and e-commerce combine together, e-commerce has become a front-end consumer channels.

media consulting (iiMedia Research) data show that in 2011 China’s O2O market size of 56 billion 230 million yuan, is expected in 2012 will reach 98 billion 680 million yuan, an increase of 75.5%. And this number will exceed 400 billion in 2015, reaching 418 billion 850 million yuan. Among them, the food and beverage industry market size reached 1>

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