Talk about the secrets of webmaster’s success

the so-called secret, in fact, the earth people know, that is "patience", but really understand and do not many webmaster. Many webmaster will because of the following reasons and give up halfway:

if you happen to be the following, be patient.

1, can not insist on updating the content of the site every day, for the new station for the past, updated content every day, that is the top priority, there is no good content, neither attract spiders, nor can visitors. Over time, the webmaster began to complain about why not included, no traffic, etc., and then give up. In fact, the content does not necessarily have its own original, and now Internet resources so rich, you can collect, and then in the adaptation, and this can not waste you how much time.

two can not insist on looking for the chain, a lot of people think that after the site Everything will be fine., not how the weight of how good you came to the external links included, lucky included, will have good rankings, there is no good natural ranking no traffic, no traffic in a good site is dead stop, you don’t look down, slowly also don’t care more.

three, depressed website problem is back, such as Baidu K, Baidu K in fact you have your problem, check out the correct Baidu nature will slowly give you back, as my friend’s website (CMS station resource network) before because the home page keyword density is too high to be K, then I immediately corrected. Today, Baidu big update all put out to my key "free site", "free CMS" and "free website" came to the top. This is not I am blowing, is to say that he insisted on coming, this is patience, may be a lot of webmaster friends will change domain name or give up.

no Everything is going smoothly. success, in the process of Web site operators, most of the time the situation forced us to give up, perhaps for technical reasons, perhaps because of financial reasons, perhaps because of family opposition, perhaps because of the life force, in fact, this time is the beginning of persistence and patience. Success is not achieved many achievements, but in the customer a lot of difficulties, some successful webmaster we see the achievements, which are behind the bitter history, they are on the brink of despair struggling too, but they insisted, so also will have today’s achievements.

ends up adding one: remember to be patient, make friends, and help friends.

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