Trading links links cheats tricks face to face middle

core tip: he cheats me a knife in hand, the myriads of changes, as bright as sun and moon swing all


you A5 hotties, "central bright link aspects of" liar tricks stage! I am your most loyal friend, is also a A5 link occupation seller, my QQ is 88124886, and I welcome you to share together with fortune. There is a saying: "I love Baidu, GG is also good, wandering between the two, money will come naturally."

The following is

all the articles in this series, we suggest that in order to see what is wrong, please enlighten! If you still feel a bit after use, the word "top" under the lower left corner, and you don’t need to spend money, but also bring luck and blessings to you, thank you


"links to sales: what links have effects?"

"buying and selling links: what’s the time to buy links?"

trading links: how much effect is exported?

"links: read, and then bite you go to pig!"

, "links to sales: links, cheats, tricks, face to face" (


said back, we are talking about two tricks liar, a friend add my QQ chat with me, said it is "open eyes, and constantly sigh" as the acme of perfection "the liar is, subsequent chapters of the Nothing is too strange." I was looking forward. And friends said, "you are so open, liar will be more, because it is too detailed, people looked at may be learned, to deceive people."". I thought over it carefully and put it out better than I didn’t mention it. Why? Because everyone knows what it takes to be on the alert. As for whether the liar will be more, this is very difficult to estimate, but there is one point, liar never die! (as "my head of my group" the words "the dying, Hunan people first absolutely dead, then the Internet will perish, scammers die").

not much nonsense, directly into the body, today is a liar third fourth strokes:

cheat recruit C: Black even as station is selling

a person bought several stations including black, stand, after careful screening, to determine the part of sale advertised for your site, and in the station hang a reserve QQ. A client sends a purchase link in the post A5, a gentleman and, after a deal of debate. After a few days, they found that even the black black station square, leak filled, repair related projects, and cleared all illegal links. Customer cries no door.



should say there are still plenty of them. According to the reaction of a large number of customers, such crooks sell black station sites are generally good, and the price is extraordinary, unaware of each other’s own site is considered. The concealment of this kind of site is also very strong, because very much

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