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because of the special nature of my job, I often come into contact with some educational theme websites. I work in a training institution. Like everyone, I prefer the Internet, a few years ago used to bubble BBS, A5 webmaster learning materials. Just the hands have no better web work. Several websites have been made, but for a variety of reasons, they have not gone on. Today, the main talk about my education website, I also see a lot of individual webmaster doing this type of website, mainly education information dynamic, and data download, and so on. Listen to a few stationmaster friends, their traffic is relatively large, has been profitable, so I hold the spirit of "bull is not afraid of hard work also intends to build a educational theme website.

said, do, first of all to register a domain name, domain name is I registered in September 22nd, after all, now good domain name is registered almost. Personally, I think COM domain name is still king. After all, Chinese people probably only know COM, the earliest site suffix is also COM, a domain name but only for users simple memory, and my name so long, but personally think that is very artistic interpretation. Also at a friend’s server support, the use of the PHPCMS CMS system is a set of open source network, at the beginning of the first good class capacity. Template landscaping work is the future, and now mainly to do content and included.

Localization of

sites is the main dynamic information education industry, data download, later I will consider going to run on several channels, such as classification information of the training market, this is one of my first plan, and we all know, the construction of a website, the first to have a complete initial planning. So this, I guarantee is done. I analyzed the industry market, there are many teachers, professors, they can browse the Internet at work, in the Baidu search information, many students find tutorial download, search review of the data is not in the minority. The flow of the website mainly depends on the search engine, the location of the website is quite clear, so it is good for the long-term stable development of the website and provides a good guarantee.

pre established press releases, product launches, and downloads of learning materials. In the follow-up development, will also increase more use of user experience in some places and details, this will continue to improve, integrity. Of course, I will also give the site configuration of an independent forum, let more students to lock this channel, don’t let any one loss of users, of course I will spend more time to manage the forum, the forum to avoid because of unattended caused many illegal information and bad information. The forum must be integrated with the users of the main station, so as to achieve the basic browsing experience that the members can pass through. This is also a place I feel proud of.

many webmaster will complain that education website is not good, even a lot of people do a B2B program, do e-commerce education station, and this how?

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