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talked to a friend in Manchester, England yesterday, and he asked me how to do a foreign Chinese website. It happened that I did a local classification network in Vancouver 3 years ago. So some of their own experience and the station a row of friends to share the communication. Chang Xiaofeng wants to talk to you today about how Chinese hosts or students abroad can do local Chinese websites.

suggested that Chinese webmaster advocate classified information website


was talking with a friend, he said he wanted to be a forum. In fact, the difficulty of the development of the forum is very large, the time span is relatively long, many successful Chinese forums are spent ten years to do it, of course, the final general outcome is the sale of the site to return home. A good friend who can get a visa can live abroad for a long time. But as an international student, give you the time to build a website up to 3 years to run successfully. Then I suggest that the first choice is the classified information network.

in the country, perhaps the importance of classifying information is not as important as it is because we have too many ways of getting information in the country. Belongs to the multiplex media bombing for us. However, in foreign countries, for example, renting information is the first thing for a friend who has just gone abroad. Then he will search for this information, network information will become his first choice.

here I want to use the Vancouver sky classification information network to give you an analysis, why the need for classified information network for Chinese friends is so great? Here is the site classification information plate. That is, some of the content you need. The key is the sale of second-hand housing sector information, job recruitment, help each other, we can look at the help of neutron plate, return with matter. I remember it was very active at that time. Make a reasonable classification of the local lifestyle of Chinese friends.

above is a personal information, the following is about we can quickly make money business sector. Family hotel, car rental, confinement nannies, child care, transportation, car driving, sparring and so on, specific information can see below. When your site traffic reaches 1000IP, you can almost make a profit. Because these are targeted users, very strong. Can directly bring benefits to businesses. Businesses are also willing to spend money on advertising. So I realized when I was doing the classified information network. And it’s very quick to implement.

finally I want to say is: for such classification, information network in the maintenance of time does not need to spend a lot of energy, after the success of the basic money collection, maintenance of the normal order of the site on the line. So Chang suggested that friends who study abroad should do classified information. Do not delay study, but also make money.

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