Poor nternet environment search for survival of small and medium sized sites

first two messages:

one, according to CNNIC released twenty-sixth China Internet development statistics report shows that in the first half of this year, China’s total number of domain names dropped to 11 million 210 thousand,.CN in the total number of domain names from 80% to 64.7%. In addition, the number of websites decreased from 3 million 230 thousand in January to 2 million 790 thousand, a decrease of 440 thousand. Most of these lost sites are small and medium websites.

two, "computer world", published a compelling cover article, the title is "damn" Tencent ", the paper lists all the" sin "of the Tencent, such as the lack of the spirit of the original copy, frequently in free mode" grinding die "competitors, killing small business websites.

if you are a webmaster or was a webmaster, you can see both the news of the link.

small and medium-sized websites disappear, there is an important reason is that the site "bad information" and forced to shut down. In the wave of the Internet Storm, a little carelessness may be because of an article, a post or a link is sometimes by slaying, even innocent, because the server "neighbors" offenders and suffer. Even if we put a lot of manpower to control content, put the site into a certain scale, but if the Tencent the same pattern of a giant COPY website, the general user can only accept the fate of continuous loss and eventually put up the shutters.

if the small and medium-sized site environment compared to the vast "Mahler Gobi", so, the webmaster should not only face the "crab", run amuck but also beware of savage ruthless "penguin". The well-known Internet entrepreneur Wang Xing, perhaps on the domestic harmony and the deepest feelings of the penguins, because he founded the SNS website at home network and the micro-blog site Fanfou for various reasons is "harmony", and the founder of the new group purchase site meituan, in his words, "very harmonious, but they have to face the penguin invasion: Tencent also launched QQ group purchase the same pattern.

, however, Wang Xing may not represent the majority of small and medium-sized Web site owners, because he is even grassroots, but also the famous grassroots, more webmasters are unknown authentic grassroots, is "grass."". They "hunfanchi" website because the size is too small, the giants temporarily can not, therefore can not consider the threat of penguins. Grassroots to cope with the "enemy" has two: one is the elusive "crab", two is the same site, is also the competitors.

How does

deal with "crab"?

is called the "crab" is elusive, because some "bad information" is very difficult to judge. In the morning, this information is normal, the afternoon is bad, and must be deleted immediately,


Xiao Zheng is the head of a local website, a small website at the county level. Its popularity and scale are small, but because of a forum, it is also infested with crabs. >

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