Novice AdSense for help do you stand right

a few days before graduation, work can not be fixed, make a stand, alone when a friend! ~ is to learn financial management, in the second year, hooked on computer, slowly into the station for this industry, although the station also made a but also can not be called the


will do if stations were divided into several levels of words, I should be a small private, the next step is certainly to become a monitor! Of course, can become a graph king, punk, refusing to swim a river fish, such as commander, commander level is a lot of dreams……

how to do the station, how to do webmaster


I’m stupid, I don’t know how to collect, and I don’t use other people’s templates, let alone what’s technical. The purpose of my website is simple and convenient! My website does not look good, but definitely not ugly, oh, there is no what advanced technology, more backward, the whole station is purely static, all is I manually prepared a pure static page, not the background! My goal is not to let others I see the station said the webmaster good cattle ah, do stand too cattle, the user only needs to say, simple and convenient, it is applicable to.

the following two cases, I hope it’s the second case, ~

1, the first day came 10 people, second days, these 10 people, only 1 people back to visit

2. came 1 people in the first day, and only 1 in second days,.

I don’t care about

IP, standing for a long time, I did not put the statistical code, because I know very few people, ha ha, later put the code into it. I rarely see IP and visitors, only the value of rate of return. Happy is return rate is very high. ~


I do stand to make money, but this is one year after the thing, this year did not consider, I also know that this is a dream to marry a wife, simply do not do this dream! If there is the purpose of the case is to learn something, while reducing the burden, because often answer some the same problem of others in the QQ, I put these answers on the site now, you don’t have to answer.

do not blindly follow the trend, often on the Internet to meet friends to discuss CMS, said the good that is good, I think it is not important, there is reasonable, since people hard to develop such a thing, must have his reason, you did not put it thoroughly before, do not blindly say or worse, if you really think that CMS is not good, you can find ways to improve, to develop two times or with CMS developers exchanges, I am learning CMS, learning that I first know CMS.


foundation is very important, of course, this represents only my point, I began to learn to learn to stand is HTML, and has been in the school, the school for so long time is too stupid ~! Only know before the TABLE layout, really do not know how to learn, let the students draw paper net >

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