Shanghai seeks innovation science and technology my poineering experience

me: founder of in Shanghai. Life lies in the pursuit of the cause from the creation, the pursuit of creation is my motto, but also the source of the company’s development momentum. Pursuit is a belief, everyone has his own pursuit, the pursuit is also different from person to person, different from each other. My pursuit is to continue to create, create brilliant career, creating a miracle of life. My pursuit is not what I want, but from my parents.

parental expectations are my motivation,

grew up from a poor family, suffered hardships, parents tears, snobbish eyes, strong men’s oppression, so I was determined to make a difference from childhood. Primary school I began to put a stall, fishing to earn his tuition fee, to buy stationery. High school determined to go to college, through the cause of the "single plank bridge", in that era, the university is the only way to career. After struggling, I was admitted to China University of Mining and Technology, when it was not easy for a college student. The pursuit of power, so I did not meet this, entrepreneurial success is my ultimate dream.

after 4 years of boring college career, I can’t wait to start my own business. There is no money and no technology, but the pursuit of faith makes me excited, ambition far, with this passion, I think I can. I chose the futures broker as the key to my career. I wore my shirt, my tie, my briefcase and swept all the office buildings in Pudong. Passion to passion, reality is cruel, futures is a high-risk industry, a short time can not convince customers to take risks. After I pay off school loans only hundreds of yuan, lasted only two months, I had to go to not survive, a real estate company, the first test has not really started playing on shore wind.

in mind, the pursuit of life is wonderful. I am the first students to participate in the securities investment, I live frugally wages in the securities market roll with it, my first pot of gold produced, more than 2 years of work, I do not have the funds loans at the time to buy a small house. With my money, my motto tells me it’s time to start.

no matter what you do, you will succeed if you do well. This sentence is right and wrong.

three hundred and sixty lines, the line, the number one. Indeed, the best in any industry is success. But not everyone can succeed in every field. Everyone is not the same, do their own good to success, they are not good at doing is easy to fail, I made this taboo, they are not good at business investment too early.

1997, I took my pot of gold, began his second venture, on their own do not understand what circumstances, I set up advertising decoration factory, main printing, light boxes, signs, lettering, computer training, it also rented storefront, in order to promote their own business, send distribute leaflets in the subway, posted everywhere advertising, printing products to the user’s mailbox, do business during the day, night to do computer training, business is booming, bustling. But problems >

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