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update today GOOGLE finally, my new PR followed. This half a month to meet this update, every day I insist on looking for Links, meet a lot of people and things in the process of looking for the Links, sometimes feel that these things often seem trifles set people thinking.

when looking for Links, because my site is built just 1 months and 10 days, that is to say half a month before my site is built only less than a month’s time, when PR=0 Alexa, "no date," the rankings included and little time every time I find people to exchange Links are just sent to the other site was refused, even some information is not… There are some more interesting, with me to say English "No door", anyway, at that time every day as if a network of beggars, with people begging, so-called friendship links.

            I found that everyone is very realistic, as long as it is lower than their PR, basically do not talk, even as PR is zero guy, only included several pages than me who also coax cattle, said my website included snapshot not less he updated quickly, he didn’t write much soft promotion, website development potential is no good etc.. Some strange people. And will ask you what the website core program, how many IP flow, my website business is not good to do, where I am, my house a few people, not married, anyway, how annoying is annoying. Once I went to a PR=1 website to exchange links. The other party refused me. I was angry and said to her, "you weren’t like me before, PR=0." her answer was: "that’s what people were doing to me before."

that is because of this, I find links are like me, PR=0 website, such sites probably found 20, and some are just a few days to build a station, there has not been any included. I’m worried about my website, because everyone says Links on the weight of the website is very important, so I still try to find PR higher than I do Links website, so I added a few Links QQ group, in the above information exchange links. At that time, my website began to rank slowly. Fortunately, my website has several keyword competition is not very high, actually let me row to the home page up, and this also became me to find links to a little bit of capital. I hit the banner: the site is less than a month, there are some key words in Baidu home page, the website is updated every day! After a series of setbacks, finally in my Links inside there were 1 pr=3, 1 pr=2, 2 pr=1 website links, very happy! Let me have more confidence.

in the search for friendship when there is a small episode, I in a QQ group released the exchange link information, suddenly a person back words, say there is a pr=5 site, willing to change the chain with me

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