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sitting on the High German map, micro-blog and Sina and many other unfamiliar street mobile terminal of excellent products apparently did not stop the pace of expansion in the capital, recently we are in a heat transfer to the strategic investment PPTV, according to the electric grid blog, now the deal has to sign the final decision time. In fact, before the PPTV and sudden scandal is the largest Sohu in the negotiations with PPTV also entered the deep level, just because then PPT complex financial situation and opinions within a Sohu is not unified, this makes the transaction to be stranded. Now Ali to regain the deal, from the middle waded in and what state of mind?

In fact,

for Ali, the current product with formation of product is not difficult system, according to the strategic intention of Ali, platform, and financial data to have corresponding products group for assistance, especially the O2O test, I believe that sina micro-blog will play a good supporting role. However, Ali did not rest for a long time to prove its ambitions to the capital market, in addition to encouraging investor confidence, continue to enhance their IPO capital. I think there are several points that need attention.

PPTV is clearly the first group of video industry, although the market share is not Youku potatoes strong, but as the video industry’s old group army, its user base is still quite impressive. And the video industry in the introduction of traffic and far more stable than solid social, especially now that Baidu has been in the video industry competition situation, the acquisition of Ali PPTV much also is to let oneself have after the challenge of capital.

video to expand is the mobile terminal hardware, consider the recent Ali to launch the TV box, we can know that the addition of PPTV is not unreasonable, Ali in the hardware itself is lackluster, the launch of the TV box, in addition to the transition of the home unit of Internet traffic is better, more rational demand all integrated into the ecological system the. Early flow is necessarily concerned about the main, profit supplemented, and then what to do, it is clear that Ali himself said.

don’t see Ali electricity supplier and related derivatives industry on the mobile phone in the end summon wind and call for rain, performance can be said to be just passable, Ali cloud system and Ali cloud mobile phone did not achieve the desired results, while TV box future is still unknown, so in the hardware market has once again test the water can’t waste the opportunity, so PPTV can also be regarded as Ali in seeking a successful point.

if the deal can really take place, then become a field of giants competition in the video industry will have excellent soil, before, after Baidu, Iqiyi and PPS jointly, the strong development of the Sohu, now coupled with ALI into the video industry, the traditional video industry the product attribute is faced with the subversion of the scene then we focus on video competition intention in what place? I want to analyze more general from Ali’s point of view.

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