Website protection from a hacker’s point of view

one, looking for a good space service,

Chinese hackers alliance invasion has long past, I also happened to see. The Chinese black Union as one of the big three of the hacker community, has a strong technical support, site is almost impossible. Then through what intrusion? Perhaps your website is on! All static HTML, nor is there any the storied building, but was invaded. This is the use of A. Especially the virtual space users, other sites use Ming boy or ah D will find your site on the server, and then use other website vulnerabilities easily invaded server, and then to find your site… Of course, good quality is the server can prevent the marginalia, my website server is anti marginalia.

two, backup data

in time

if you want to make a website bigger, if your website’s data is important, if you don’t want to donate money to the data recovery company, it might be useless to do so. Please back up the data in time. On the network always has a group of hackers to scold "hacker", can delete data crazily. A timely backup can also deal with emergencies and minimize losses.

three, modify the database and landing address

is primarily for asp+acc’s Web site. One of the most simple intrusion method for the asp+acc site, is mancang. Mancang is to download the database. Especially some of the popular professional CMS (Ru Xinyun), if not modified, will be very easy to Mancang intrusion. Modify the database, but also modify the CONN.ASP file, not necessarily this, but the function is the same, is the link to the database, the new address to change the database, or web links to the database can not be used. In the name of the database before adding "#", which can effectively prevent the download.

also modifies the background landing address and remembers it. In the mass invasion, when you can not sweep out the site login background address, it will stop its invasion, because even if you get the user name and password, landing is not possible. Because batch intrusion, there is no effort to guess the landing address. That’s why mobile networks (asp+acc) are more likely to invade than discuz, php+Mysql.

four, modify copyright

suggests making a decision after reading the official instructions. Or modify it after buying the copyright. After the copyright changes, it is recommended to change the template. Copyright is not unusual, but it has an important role in hacking. When intrusions occur, they usually check the copyright of the site, and then download the source code, looking for vulnerabilities that can be exploited and easier to invade. After modifying the copyright, most hackers still know the system of your website. This is, you re modify the template (preferably your own design), others look at your site, I think you wrote it yourself. However, there are still senior hackers, depending on experience and the running mechanism of your site, and even a folder or a picture of the default bits >

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