Yu Lijuan senior vice president of Tianya community do community marketing with Chinese characteris

August 6, 2009, the "2009 and fourth annual new marketing annual meeting of iResearch" sponsored by iResearch, opened in Beijing Kerry center. This annual meeting is one of the heavyweight meeting iResearch annual, annual meeting will be from the network media marketing value, network marketing model of innovation and development trend of the economic crisis, can stop the network marketing, steady growth in the current economic environment for network marketing, how those changes reflect the value of Internet marketing, how to adjust the network advertising how to analyze the main advertising strategies, new requirements and other aspects of viewpoint and discussion.

below is a wonderful speech by Yu Lijuan, senior vice president of Tianya community, whose theme is "community marketing with Chinese characteristics."".

to donate Chinese characteristics: do community marketing, we came to the pure Chinese enterprise, really for China users need China characteristic way of marketing, this picture you are very familiar with, there are two days is 1st anniversary anniversary, the Olympic Games, the Beijing Olympic Games, leave the world to a very important historical meaning, when we look back at the Olympic Games has been in introspection, feel very valuable, we must first feel China culture, appreciate what is China community is only possible in the community which is well done, the most simple example, everyone in the United States felt, in addition to the work of friends is very small. That very do not want to communicate with others, so they may need a real community, can create more opportunities in the online exchange, the more we China Good friends after work we go to eat a meal, really into the network to communicate as line exchanges more closely, express you just wear good clothes real identity is the cultural differences between the two countries is highfalutin, huge, to get to Chinese products in the United States can not run well, it is special at the end of the world community characteristics, we are happy, the more important is the culture industry, through community culture of the user to get together, we can achieve good China type of marketing in the cultural range, bosom friend day Zorpia, seriously to finish this sentence. It is spread for thousands of years, in Chinese community infectious and power coexist, infectious SNS, whisper between disseminate information, also has a very large features in Chinese, media power Is still important, a lot of information to do large-scale expression through traditional media, the value of the news is still very important, the entire Internet market, we make great efforts to do a number on the traditional share share, there is a large space, in China the very characteristics of the media environment, Chinese users affected culture education of the two forces of marketing is both, we often say that the cold if infectious diseases, like SARS, is a multimedia transmission force track is very large, the two forces combined with community value for everyone.

second, we also want to talk about Tianya, the community has explored the propagation model, BtoCtoc model, in the process, advertisers 50% wasted, wasted in where, I do not know

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