How should the daily basic work of SEO be carried out

many webmaster often ask this question, SEO every day in the end should do what, no matter how to do, ranking is not up, and even do sit, there is no clue. In fact, everyone in the Internet to see things are stereotyped, say do SEO is to adhere to the day, the hair of the chain, looking for Links what, after all that said the truth, so many people do, but the effect is still not very good.

but you have not noticed that every word.? yes, a good web site SEO is indeed the proper maintenance, from the aspects of the chain, but these are not the content of the website, let you casually looking for a place to leave their promotion site, then to some online too more from the Internet to find the things thrown on the line, so, you’re wrong.

months, according to my own website Xinlian printing ( changes, discover some rules. From SEO to explain, the first is the hair of the chain, a new webmaster should pay attention to in the hair of the chain, is to pay attention to the number of the chain, avoid too much, too much the chain that Baidu will have suspected of cheating, and there is no quality, may send out a chain effect of any yes, but also a waste of time and energy. We are in the hair chain, choose to send high quality of the chain, so that will be beneficial to the site.

what is the quality of the chain? The chain release of local content, first of all related to their own web site content is best, and to find high weight website for distribution, in the article to add one to two links. Baidu for high weight included speed is faster, once in the high weight site issued, the chain was included, then more people see and reprint, so your web site outside the chain growth speed is not very fast?.

website article is to pay attention to the content, Baidu has remained unchanged after several adjustments, the principle is you whether the website gives users value, bring higher value gives you the website weight is higher, ranking nature is not low. Web content to adhere to the original article, or pseudo original, must not be from the Internet COPY, some online articles have been released again, Baidu spider will ignore, meaningless.

through Baidu spider crawling in the website to see, in fact, the original of the article is more important. Baidu spider to speed up the site’s favor, crawling speed, and thus enhance the site’s collection and ranking.

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