How to do a good user experience by using password obsessive compulsive disorder

recently discovered a new term, password obsessive compulsive disorder, from some news reports. Computer passwords, e-mail passwords, credit card passwords, QQ, MSN, Fetion and other communications tools, as well as Taobao, excellence, Dangdang and other web passwords…… Modern people often forget the password, often for mental fatigue, in a trance, and even had a serious mental disorder. Because many people will remember the password to remind yourself often got obsessive-compulsive disorder, others are often difficult to get the password no rest, setting too simple and easy to remember but if stolen, too difficult to set yourself and remember, in the course of time, become anxious psychological anxiety, seriously affect physical and mental health, this is the "password obsessive-compulsive disorder".

throughout the Internet, not only for every website, every product we need to set a password, and password settings required is more of a wide variety, such as: all sorts of strange things, need to change the password regularly; password length requirement of different combinations; complex (Digital + Digital + letters, letters, letters + numbers + special symbols etc.)…… In some ways, these sites take into account the security of user accounts, and "strict" requirements are a responsible practice.

if there are only a few or more of these websites or products that need to be registered in the world, I am quite in agreement with this kind of responsible approach. But in reality, Internet sites and products have tens of millions, to work with Internet related people, access to web sites or products are generally no less than 100, while the need to register the password in more than half. Thus, this variety of password settings requirements have become a kind of trouble for users, this is a Bad experience!


with the emergence of password obsessive compulsive disorder, password settings have become a small part of the delight of the user experience, so how can you do this little detail?

one, refusing to be maverick,

in any industry, there are always unwritten standards and guidelines. They do not need to be recognized by legislation, nor do they need to discuss hearings, just because most people accept and follow them. In the password setting, the vast majority of websites and products follow one point: the password length is at least 6 characters. If you suddenly come up with a minimum of 10 characters, then your users will probably have a password that needs to be kept in mind.

most sites, such as Sina and Baidu, limit passwords to at least 6 characters,

Google unconventional, will make the habit of using 6 bit, 7 bit password users at a loss,

in addition to the password length, some special registration requirements also pose a certain problem for users (Tencent, micro-blog)

two, beware of good intentions,

in some media, there are often "experts" come out to remind people

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