300 thousand doctors 86 million users spring doctor business model will go from here

Abstract: through four years of accumulation of about 300000 doctors, 86 million users, data resources, the average daily answer 270 thousand questions, such a huge base, the spring rain doctor business model will go from here?

has accumulated about 300000 doctors, 86 million users and data resources through four years. The average daily answer to 270 thousand questions, such a huge base, will the doctor’s business model go from here?

this is Dr. Liu Chengping, chief marketing officer of spring rain doctor, who is on the grand health online salon with new wealth and hard eggs. The text reads:

spring mobile health was founded in July 2011, focusing on the use of mobile Internet technology to solve health problems, using mobile terminals to achieve remote communication between doctors and patients anytime and anywhere. After 4 years of exploration, the total number of users of the platform Dr. 86 million, platform doctors 360 thousand, solve more than 270 thousand problems per day.

rain doctor has received several rounds of financing, A round, B round from bluerun investments, C $50 million round of financing, is the amount of time the mobile medical field the largest single financing by CICC, Shield Security Group’s mountain venture and light Ma Xiqi Pavilion jointly completed bluerun with investment.

lighter interrogation to private doctor

The first stage is the

inquiry light do Crowdsourcing answer each question in response to an average of two minutes, users free of charge in the spring rain makes the doctor drawbacks to obtain first-hand data: health, patients have no choice.

is the second phase directional interrogation, called air hospital, where a doctor shop in the rain on the platform, the sale of products that their services include: Graphic consultation, telephone consultation, make an appointment with the doctor for some time, buy the private doctor service. But there is still no established doctor-patient relationship. Air hospital services: doctors charge their services, users choose the doctors they need, and they buy the services they need.

third generation products: personal doctor. On the one hand, online family doctors: build health records, including all health-related data; long-term service to a client. Online can solve 70% health related problems, such as blood test, etc., also need to be solved offline, so on the other hand, triage services or appointment of the next line of contracted hospital specialist. Under the line of spring clinic, the line will be related to the data and files to the next line,

The establishment of

electronic archives provide a basis for future diagnosis of patients without a doctor.

currently operates more than 30 clinics in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Hangzhou, with 300 spring clinics listed at the end of the year. Construction model is divided into many kinds: in addition to the traditional self built clinic, there are cooperation mode, franchise mode, trusteeship model, in order to quickly copy the development line of spring clinic.

spring rain doctor’s future is insurance model


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