How to let other sites give you free flow

so-called traffic domain name is that you do not spend time to promote, there will be traffic to the domain name, for such domain names, we can play our Chinese expertise: "bring doctrine."". Well, what’s the use? For these traffic, that can be used to advertise their website, can also be used to do parking to make money.

, let’s do some simple research on these flow meters:

looking for traffic meters, looking for big web sites, the use of Internet users habitual mistakes bring you traffic, these domain names are called "TYPO Domain"".

these errors mainly include:

1, the order of input is wrong. For example, can easily be input into by mistake, and can easily be input into;

2, button position error. Such as will be mistakenly lost to, and so on;

3, pronouncing mistakes. I have a domain name is, that is, the use of Internet users, Ying and Yin are not registered, as the computer reported that the domain name, so this domain name has been giving me manufacturing traffic;

4, duplicate error. As the keyboard press a little longer time, or a little bit of shaking hands, traffic is generated, such as has been shaken into a, ha ha,

5, error free. For example, the first county in China, Kunshan window, if you do not add points became, so traffic unknowingly come to the birds;

6, domain error. This can bring huge traffic to make more of this example are:, appears to be not very like, you know how many Sina, Yahoo China well, if you go to the Sina sina.cpm. CN input error is possible will be wrong yahoo.cpm.c n Oh, so we just do some extensive domain name analysis can give you bring N flow


7, the real name class also has traffic can be dug. Such as: was mistakenly lost to 163com, because there is no domain, directly became the real name URL, if you have direct function, you will immediately arrive at your designated url.

although most of the current flow meters have been registered, but as long as you dig carefully, the gold flow domain name will still be there. Turn from

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