Experience in sharing City individual and operator recruitment network

at the beginning of 2009, influenced by the global financial crisis, most domestic recruitment giants suffered serious losses. At the same time, it has also created favorable conditions for the development of regional talent networks.

I am in Hunan, Yiyang, individuals operating Yiyang talent network, www.hnzptong.cn, Yiyang recruitment network, Yiyang talent newspaper and other recruitment sites.

after a year of development, Yiyang talent network Baidu has occupied the first position, at the same time, it is better to occupy the market, making Yiyang recruitment network in half a year ago, have also achieved good results, complement each other and talent network, to support, to consolidate the certain status.

personal management of urban talent network, without funds, background, you must pay more efforts. On the whole, there are approximately the following, I hope my colleagues exhibitions.

1, content, to ensure that the original and updated daily, increase the amount of included. 5-10 additional articles are added to the talent information article, which can expand the content of the article, such as local news, education, training, recruitment and so on.

two, adding County channel, to better ensure the recruitment of enterprises in each county to achieve a better level of recruitment.

three, build about two of the recruitment network, keywords do not have to repeat, and strive for the XX talent network and XX recruitment network ranked first.

four, in the famous blog, BBS hair point post, increase the number of appearances, blog post, suggest using blog, wizard and other software step in place.

five, offline production of business cards, contracts, website T-shirts, small ads and other essential, as far as possible to make personal talent website more formal.

six, if possible, make some suggestions and employment related sites, such as the ratio of students, network, education network, network training, rental network, increase the mutual promotion of cooperation, to better address the talent network consolidation.

temporarily think of so much, if you are also individual webmaster, also have operation talent nets, welcome to join our group communication, group number: 61776702

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