A fact about website optimization SEO

on site optimization, there are a lot of people are involved, learning, research, which is an emerging industry, said the industry, but in fact there are such a group of people, has been trying to do some things, some of my friends have achieved some results, but some are still groping.

in recent years. The article on the SEO, and the case seems more and more, however, is still not clear, there are a lot of people have begun to claim to be an expert, in fact, people in the industry understand that the so-called experts, but is also a study, have some experience, but may each have biased.

I think in his novels "Knight", many martial arts master learning the song "Knight", in Li Bai’s poems on knight island and from experience, learning martial arts, though, every man has his enlightenment, many martial arts have made rapid progress, the real meaning but they have misunderstood this the martial arts cheats. In fact, the real essence of learning doesn’t come to light. This is very similar to our current SEO optimization work. Everyone is working hard to learn a martial arts skills, but in reality, no one really understands the basic rules of search engine rankings. All, but all guesses, experiments.

then should we be more modest in doing the basic things, rather than calling ourselves experts,


below, there is a net friend’s article, some words, but also the facts, but also let everyone more comprehensive understanding, recognize only SEO this line of some straight, how to choose, then see yourself.

"unwarranted", is such a meaning: there may be, perhaps, I think you have, you also need to have, and so on, is an expression of "do not need evidence of irrational yilaomailao potential".

, and the current search engine optimization (SEO), there is such a situation exists.

search engine optimization (SEO), by means of studying and using the relevant rules of the search engine, by optimizing the operation of the site and to continuously meet the rules of search engine, and ultimately improve the related website in search engine rankings, included index type. This is my explanation.

according to the search engine included and ranking rules, whether it is to explain why, but in the end of the operation is directly affected by the search engine, search engine change, means that the rule is the rule change, mean SEO content is also changing.

says that SEO’s work is "research and utilization", so the following changes are made:

search engine rule change research change SEO job content change.

More than

, only illustrates a problem: SEO is just a "interest group" concept, no expert, but can not be claimed as "very unreal ethereal thing".


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