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May 22nd, Twitter officially announced the patent drop-down refresh, the patent is presented in a year ago, although the company reiterated that this patent is used only to protect themselves, not to initiate proceedings, but there is no doubt that the industry is still a threat.



pull-down refresh this operation first by Tweetie founder Loren BriceMar Te (Loren Brichter) to the invention, is now widely used in a variety of applications, Sparrow, Facebook, Sina, micro-blog, and even the native iOS system are also in this way. The theory is that the drop-down refresh is suitable for application in accordance with the time sequence from the new to the old alignment of feeds, read the old content in this scenario, the user will naturally drop down to find updated content, so it is very reasonable drop-down refresh.

With the continuous evolution of

pull to refresh this way, pull down to refresh has jumped out the basic function, become a brand, a sense of design elements, this paper mainly introduces several interesting drop-down refresh. Found in the collection process, there are some applications is the application type cleverly integrated into the drop-down refresh; there are a lot of applications are permeated the pull to refresh the brand elements, including logo color, icon shape and so on, there are some more special, is a combination of the application style to do some innovation. So this article introduces interesting drop UPS into three categories.

class 1:

associated with application type

you can guess this is what to do, this is an application called Cheeze, drop down, the interface will be a little mouse, then pull down a mouse pulled out a camera, let go after one click camera.


according to the action of the mouse, I think it’s easy to think of it as a photo sharing application. Such a drop-down refresh design, on the one hand to convey the core value of this application, on the other hand, the brand has a more profound impression, very interesting.


associated with brand elements

when I saw a blue bird, you will naturally think of Twitter; see a red scarf of the penguins, people will naturally think of QQ; see the Yellow intermediate band of stars Z, everyone will think of the QQ space, which is the strength of the brand, in the drop-down refresh this design points. There are many applications in insist on doing their own brand promotion.

Below is the

Flickr drop-down refresh drop-down, first Flickr watermark, let go of loading, red and blue circles.

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